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    Do you think his approach was correct?

    Yesterday in Hyderabad a masked youngster has put an ATM ablaze with a letter in it. In his lengthy 17 page letter, he demanded several reasons and amendments to be made by the government of India as well as the world. The brief summary of his letter is:

    1. No caste or reservation system and everyone around the world should have a single identity card.
    2. Since rapes are increasing at an alarming rate in India, legalize prostitution.
    3. The government should improve their medical services.
    4. Everyone should protect environment.

    He also stated that his letter must be presented to media within 24 hours or else he will commit suicide.

    There are some valid points which he stated in his letter but I feel the method he implemented to lighten up his ideas is not appropriate. Burning public property and raising concerns about the public is total foolishness. Nonetheless, what do you think about the points he raised, especially the first two points I have mentioned.

    Share your ideas.
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    I agree to the author that spoiling public property is a foolishness. I also have no idea, what could be the right way for a single person to seek the Government's attention?
    Hope we all still remember, what Tamil Nadu Farmers did in Delhi to meet Prime Minister. Initially, they requested to meet PM, then they did hunger strike, then they continued with all other possible strikes, but ended up with nothing and returned back to TN without any gain. (Actually Ministers of TN should have represented these farmers issue to Central. They failed, so farmers they themselves went ahead with these protests).

    On the other side, for Jallikattu, when it was mass gathering, people succeeded. So, still Govt or media did not pay any attention to a single person or a limited number of people. Only, when the issue became big, they listens to the concern. So, from Govt end also, they need to be reachable. From people end, when it is about a revolution, they should join hands together and raise their voice.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    No caste or reservation system: I don't agree to this point, because, there are always a minority of people, they undergo few sufferings in allotments. No problem, if caste system is demolished, but reservation system has to be continued. The reservation need to be based on income levels of people.
    We all should remember, only with the caste system, many minority people in India got opportunity to higher studies and Government jobs. Now, the peoples mind set towards caste is changed, so, still the same reservations need not be continued, but reservation based on income level is to encouraged.

    Legalize prostitution: If a kid keep bullying another kid, we don't ask other parents to develop the immunity of their kid to stay strong. We should take steps to bring morality in our kids only. Same way, we should bring morality among us, in treating people as human and not as objects fulfilling our wishes.

    Just because, prostitution was not legalized, it does not mean, prostitution was not happening in India. Still there are few men, prefer to this kind of violence. In Nevada, few places, legal brothels are allowed, still, the state is in sexual assault and rape list. It means, the change need in people, not in Government.
    If, prostitution was legalized to decrease the rape rate, then there would be increase in girl child missing.

    We have the practices of viratham, Nonbu in the name of God. Example Paavai Nonbu for ladies(Aandal Nonbu). Ayyappa sabarimala Maalai for Men. It is followed for 30 days. These are not just rituals, it has a silent teaching to deactivate the sexual thoughts. In other religions too, such practices may be carried out with some other names.

    Before blaming people of this generation, should either teach the moral values or give them an idea on how people in olden days overcame their sex desires. It is not enough to talk only with statistical comparison of crime rates between olden days and current days. People should get to know their culture and tradition to handle these issues.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Whatever may be the reasons, spoiling public property is not a correct idea, I feel. It is the general. practice in our country to agitate for their wishes to be fulfilled. During such agitations, people will be spoiling the public property. As they come in a mob and do whatever they do, the Police are also unable to take action on anybody and keeping silent. But when an individual is committing this type of actions, police should act severely and see that public property will not get lost.
    The points what he demanded may be for the public only. But the way he has followed is not correct. He might have taken an initiative and started a non-cooperation moment or agitation without spoiling the public property. But he may not have confidence that by agitating the government may come down. The person should become a leader and lead a moment in fulfilling his wishes.
    The points he raised are valid. But legalising prostitution may not be accepted by many. But he may get support for all other points if he leads an agitation.

    always confident

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    His approach sounds more of a desperate measures to gain media attention towards the problems in India, This is similar to the sucides reported form Kerala related to the pension delays for retired KSRTC employees. He could have just walked into to a major law and order office or even gone live in any of the TV channels instead of destroying public property. As far as the four points are concerned we have discussed it recenlty in ISC except for legalising prositution.

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    The demand of legalizing prostitution is not valid. Even if he put forth that demand so as to minimize the number of rapes happening and so as to stand for the rights of women, his demand itself violates the women's rights. Prostitution commodifies women.
    Apart from this, his this demand seems to imply that though prostitution is not legal, Rape is legal, so that men feel themselves doing it.
    Legalization would lead to nothing but further violation of the rights of women to live equally as men.

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    I am aperson holding the view that however justified the reason be we should notesort to violence, extremism or destructive activities.
    We should choose dialogue and canvas and convince others also about the matter and seek redress through proper means. Law breaking is notthe right way to fight against a wrong law. We have got many means in a democratic set up.

    Violence and extremism will only bring in more of that. Peaceful and persevering dialogues can bring lasting solutions.
    Personally I also have concurrence with some of the demands. But burning or destroying something or even self destruction is not the right and proper method to get redress. He has to get many like minded people to side and support him, and then make a proper forum to get it spread across and get a proper solution through democratic means. It may take time, but slow and steady can win the race. At least for the next generation.

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