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    Do you read all the comments before posting your views?

    Here is a question that has been asked many times. Responding to a content gains a different identity when you want to say something; but what if you have no idea. Do you read all the responses before responding to a thread or any content? Do you feel it is required? Let us discuss this pertinent issue positively.

    ISC has different sections. Articles, Ask experts and mainly forums that allow the members to comment.

    There are few threads and articles has too many comments, which may make it difficult for anyone to read everything. I personally, scroll them down, by reading comments here and there.

    But in forum sections and ask expert section, I read all the comments before I type my opinion. Sometimes, when the proper answer was provided, I don't go ahead and post anything. In few other cases, I may have some opinion in the beginning, but after reading few comments, my opinion may vary with their facts and figures. At that time, I will google further on that topic and try to take a stand on which I personally feel right. Obviously, it may take time but I will skip commenting on the same.

    I have no problem in missing my comments, because, I open the forum section in order to understand the views of people on different subjects. Also, I find it beneficial, because, many times the thread post have questions and the comment section only have answers and solutions.

    While reading many comments for same thread, I also see people, posting the same thing in different words.

    So, I have a question like how many of you have the habit of reading other's comments? And do you take responses seriously or just join as a ritual?
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    I do read all the comments in the forum section and will post my response, which is a response or just an expression. Whereas in AE section, I may not read all answers but I try to read most. It is a question and needs to be answered. So I straight away start penning down my answer if I have good knowledge in it or else I will do my research (as you do) on Google and try to answer my best. But there are certain areas where even researching will not make the subject understandable for me. For such questions, I would refrain myself from answering and I will gladly check other answers from other members of ISC. No one can have knowledge of everything and we cannot answer or post anything on everything.

    I read all comments in subjects that I have no or less knowledge but if I am aware of the topic or the question asked, I will read all comments after submitting mine. Maybe it is not good sometimes.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    @Dr. Shashikanth I read most of your comments. I find it meaningful and helpful too. It has added information to the thread. You are receiving awards for the same.
    Sri Vetri
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    Before posting my comments in an article section, I read the article fully. Then only I will post my comments if any. Some articles I will read and leave without making any comments.
    In Ask Expert section. I will read the question. If I know the answer, I will post my answer first. If I don't know the answer I will go to google and see the relevant matter and I will try to understand the subject and then post my comments. Some questions are completely beyond my scope of knowledge, I will leave them without answering. Only after posting my answers I will go through other's answers to my knowledge.
    In the threads section, I read all the posting generally. Sometimes I leave the responses without reading if they are too lengthy. I will try to post my views on the thread for almost all the threads. I may be leaving a very few threads as those answers are to be given by somebody else.

    always confident

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    @Srimthi Ji
    Thank you.
    Am just sharing my knowledge and trying to improve mine as well. I am not in a race to get awards but those awards and encouraging words from members like you will always boost me a lot. I will try my best to give more and improve the quality of ISC as well. And I feel the quality is greater than quantity.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    The thread is rightly raised. Many a time I see a different response than what is being discussed or asked by author. This thread will definitely try to minimize this type of activity in future.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    For me I shall read the heading and by that time a gist of response would run in my mind and by reading the content of the author the full idea shall run through and hence I share the content. I do read others content also, by in most cases my content appears first and there ends the matter. By reading others comment and then appending our view is something I wont like or subscribe. If my answer is good and apt even best answer is chosen by the author but they do get satisfied in general. Again the comments made here are also read by editors too and they take action accordingly deeming fit.
    K Mohan
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    I generally don't read all the responses if they are very lenghty. I only read here and there few sentences and type in my response. If the responses are not too lengthy, then I will read such responses. If I am answering in ask expert section, I will read the responses after I post my response. Also reading all the response depends on the type of thread raised or a question ask.

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    In my case, everything depends on my mood and spare time available. If enough time is available, I read the main post and previous responses before responding. If time is short, I only read the main post before responding.

    So far as ''Ask Expert'' answers, I don't read other answers before writing my own. Only after writing my own answer, if time permits, I read other answers.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I somehow missed this very thoughtful thread with implications on members and the ISC itself.

    For Articles: I read the article first when I have time, then briefly glance the replies given, if my thought process is different, I format a detailed reply, if not I just add one or two points.

    For Forum: some topics are dear to me and I respond with my own style and content. Some delicate topics about politics and religion need more caution, hence here I read the other replies to see if they are in sync with the thread title and content before replying.

    I try to reply to most forum threads because I believe the forum is more informal than all the other sections.

    For Ask the experts.
    Once I read the question, I draft a reply, do a little research, read the others and then post a reply. Sometimes I stop abruptly to drive home the point if the question is related to a medical condition. Recently there was a query about spine injury and numbness which is a worrying combination, here I curtailed my reply.

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    To be honest, I don't read all the comments, but I read the article carefully because I want my solution and if it is explained very well in article then I never read the comments but sometimes the idea was more clear in comments than that blog

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