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    "Opinions are free but facts are sacred."

    These are the words of C.P.Scott, in his editorial of "The Manchester Guardian", now known as "The Guardian". This editorial was published to mark the centenary celebrations of the newspaper in the year 1921. It stands out as a standard for true journalism in journalistic circles even today. C.P Scott was the editor for 57 years for that newspaper.
    The newspapers and the news channels report the happenings in and around the world every day. These are the main source of information to the public. The accurate reporting of the news is the cornerstone of true journalism. The propaganda by the means of journalism is hateful. There will be different opinions in any matter among the people. Some may favor a particular opinion and some others may differ from it. The opinions of the people who differ are as important as the people who support it. Comments in journalism or for that matter in any forum are subject to a self-imposed restraint. It is always good, to be frank, but it is still better to be fair in the comments. This is what is lacking in journalism and also in other platforms. True journalism with unbiased and fair comments are the necessity of the day as we find unfair and fake news is propagated day in and day out. Be honest, be fair and listen to the others while writing or commenting in any media.
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    Very nice post. It is true that these days much fake news is making rounds. The electronic media and print media is always for breaking news and will try out all gimmicks to get the best TRP rates. Many political parties have their own channel or newspaper through which they will make propaganda to their party by giving false news and created stories. This is the main culprit these days. Another disturbing aspect is the Journalists are trying to exploit innocent people by treating them about the power they have in their hand. I have seen many people in trouble because of the acts of such journalists. In rural areas, there are some journalists who will be reporting about the incidents that are happening in those areas. So these journalists try to exploit the small businessmen there are small organisations there for some personal favours. If the concerned are not yielding these journalists will try to build a story and try to tarnish the image of these organisations and business people. This trend has to change,
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    In Journalism or even at simple discussions, it is ideal to state the facts after verification and importantly without any distortion or any of our views or opinions. Unfortunately it is very difficult practically to stay neutral or just report facts without blending in the bias or beliefs.
    Such skewed reports are seen day in and day out with issues related to politics, celebrities, religions, gender and public services. If one follows the 'True Journalism' now, I'm sure we would love to watch it and get the facts, we can always form our own opinions. If this is practiced, even the issues of misdirected anger, flash communal riots and destruction of property based on half truths will come down a lot. It not in all areas of media reporting, at least when it concerns national security, journalism should have a unbiased approach of not portraying the country and its martyrs in bad light.

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