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    Once a hero, always a hero

    He is a bus driver. Noting extraordinary about him. But this ordinary man became a hero in July, 2017. On a terrible evening, he saved the lives of fifty-two pilgrims going to Amarnah from Gujarat by his alert mind, quick decision-making and expert driving quality. For saving the lives of the pilgrims, he was awarded 'Uttam Jeevan Raksha Padak', the second-highest civilian award for gallantry, on this year's Republic Day.

    He is a hero. And we all know that 'Once a hero, always a hero'. He has proved this again. Very recently, he has contributed Rs. 11,000/- to Army Welfare Fund. The amount is almost equal to his one month salary.

    I salute this courageous man from Gujarat, Salim Gafur Shaikh, for his noble deeds. How many of us can follow his footsteps?
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    This is the beauty of human nature, some have little but they are still very happy to share their money or belongings with others, some have plenty but still keep amassing wealth for themselves.
    Hat's off to this hero Salim Gafur Shaikh who would be a shining example for those who tend to take innocent lives and disturb communal harmony.

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    My salutations to the hero we dared and saved 52 human lives from the attack of terrorist by his expert driving and daredevil attitude. This is really an admirable point. Now again he proved that he is a real patriot. He donated his one month salary for Army Welfare Fund. Really one should appreciate his nature. Even though he is not a rich man, he has donated one month salary. Very few people only can do this. He is a real hero and he will be a hero always. I sincerely send my salutations to this great man, Mr Salim Gafur Shaikh.
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    He has proved twice that money is not important for being a hero. This type of hero is motivational for us. I personally get motivated when I got to know about him.
    Hats of to such personality who once had saved 52 lives and now he donated 11000 to army fund.

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