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    Can movie stars become efficient CMs?

    South Indian states are popular to have movie legends with huge fan following slowly testing waters in politics. Once, they are past their peak as a lead actor, many start to nurture political ambitions.

    Having a fan(vote) base is one thing but running a state is entirely different. It needs skill, tact, diplomacy, awareness of current issues and inter-state issues etc. One can always sit in the top post and let the other do the work on behalf of them, but it doesn't truly help the state. Few megastars have jumped in, few have refused to join the bandwagon. Dr. Rajkumar, legendary Kannada film personality and a fatherly figure shunned away from politics.

    Let us not discuss about individuals but about their functioning as the CM of a state.
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    Actors can also become efficient administrators. An actor who is at the helm of affairs for a long time will know how to manage various activities pertaining to a movie making. If he is having a passion for politics and administration definitely he can manage the state. There will not be any problem. This we have witnessed in southern states. Many of the actors turned CMs were very successful and showed their capacity. We can't say that actors are not successful as CMs. At the same time, we can't say that all actors are successful. That depends on the individual and his aids who support him in managing the show.
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    Filmstars can definitely be Chief Ministers riding on their individual popularity. They can win elections easily, but it is not very easy to become a good administrator. It requires administrative acumen which is not synonymous with popularity. Even most of the politicians of India don't have administrative acumen, irrespective of their popularity among the electorates.
    So, it can't be said that filmstars will become efficient chief ministers. As far as I know, among the filmstar-turned-politicians of India, only Jayalalithaa proved her administrative acumen.

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    Yes movie stars are also the citizens of the country and they too have the fan following and liking by the politicians. So they are eligible to contest election and get elected and even serve as the CM as long as the people like them and love them. Famous are NTR and MGR in this regard. Even Jaya can be credited in this account. By the way the film star should have the urge to serve. NTR has proved his love for the poor and he is most adorable CM of the AP then. Even MGR was able administrator and proved his mantle and that has been again and again testified . So actors can become CM.
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