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    Teachers were once the most respected person in villages

    About six or seven decades back, in villages in Kerala, teachers were most respected individuals. It is not just because being teacher, but because he/she only could help the people in various ways. Majority of the people in villages were not knowing how to read and write. Hence these people had to depend on teachers for help. In most villages, the postman would visit once or twice during a week. If anybody got a letter from sons or brothers working in distant places, very often in the military, they would wait for the only teacher who would come by night or at the weekend.

    People needed the help of the teacher not only for reading the letters but also for sending a reply. A teacher used to help them for getting done certain of their needs from the Govt. offices. When money orders came from relatives working in distant places, again the teacher's help is sought. During their free time, the teachers would help by reading newspapers and conveying the news to others.

    With all these, no village could forget a teacher during some special functions at their homes. This might have been in most of the villages across the country. However, now things are different. Most of the villagers are educated. And, a teacher is just one among them.
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    Most of the villagers are educated and teacher who is the pillar in the education. Without a teacher it would be difficult for any of us to learn things. Teachers were respected a lot several years back. But now things are changing in a way of teacher-student bonding. Teachers those days treated students like their children but now some of the male teachers will have a bad eye on students.

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    Yes I fully agree with the author that even in old movies of any language such scenes are depicted when a single teacher would control the entire village while in school and with his or presence by coming to the rescue in reading the letters, solving their problems from government departments and so on. Especially the government school teachers got more respect and she or he would be asked to unfurl the national flags too and that is the importance the villagers gave. Even the postman used to be a great help to the villagers as he would read the letters and tell the matters to the receiver. Even today one of my friend who is a teacher in a remote village away from Hyderabad is respected and regarded by the villagers and they daily used to give vegetables and fruits being grown in their back yard to the teacher as a mark of their love and liking for the teacher.
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    Teachers of village or tomorrow city are all most respectful always as the teaching profession is noble one but the problem is in us as we, city/town people fails to respect the teachers than village people.

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    Teachers are more respectable. As mentioned by the author in earlier days village people were depending on the teachers for many issues. My grandfather was a primary school teacher. We were staying with him during holidays and festivals. In that village, he was the most respected teacher those days. Many people of the village used to come to him for many pieces of advice. He used to pay a lot of attention to them and used to guide them. Those days the villagers don't have much money. They used to give vegetables, milk and fruits free of cost to him as per the availability. Some people used to come asking him to write some letters. When we were there my grandfather used to give that work to us. We were happy to write those letters. Those days even village surpunch, and other big people of the village used to come to him but they never asked him to come to them. The days are changed now. But the teacher should be respected always. Guru Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Guru sakstah Parabrahma, tasmi gurave namaha.
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    The word "teacher" itself is enough to show respect. Yes, the time has changed and the people are becoming more educated. Yet, the responsibilities of a teacher remain the same. Yes, now they do not need to help other but the raise their students, take them in the correct path, I feel even today's parent depend on the teacher. A teacher has special place in our society and they will be always.

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    The roles of the teacher has changed as times have changed. Agree with the author, the teacher or the postman would be multi-tasking with various needs of the people. The teachers of the government schools and the compounders would be well respected and be invited for household functions and even approached to settle simple issues between families as they would know most of the people in the village.
    With the passage of time, more number of people gaining basic education, accessibility to information via other government staff in the village or via mass media has reduced the dependency on the teachers.

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