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    I want to delete my profile and the posts made by me on this website.

    I want to delete my profile and the posts made by me on this website.
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    Why would you deactivate your profile from ISC?
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    As far as I understand, there is no provision of de-activating/ de-registering your profile. You can simply discontinue writing. But is there any specific reason behind your decision?

    The posts written by you earlier can't be deleted now.

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    I need to edit the posts made by me but I have come to know that my access has been restricted. Neither I can write a new post nor I can edit an earlier one. Please give me the rights to post correct information on my previous post at least.

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    Once a person becomes a member, his membership shall stay for ever and cannot be deleted. However you can desist from making any posting and thus equivalent to non participation.
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    Just visited your profile , you hardly made any posts. For removing the restriction, you have to prove your writing ability in this forum. So if you wish you can proceed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Why do you want to that? This is a right place for the people who want to learn and at the same time teach others. You can request the Editors by posting a thread for the removal of the restriction on you to post on the site. They may respond immediately and advise you about the reason for the restrictions and what to do till they remove the restrictions. I feel that is a better option. However, it is individual's choice. You think and act accordingly.
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    Before creating an account & started posting in that, we have gone through a certain terms & conditions & in any situations we are abided by that. While agreeing to the site we never have gone through the complete points resulting in such stages. If we are not interested then we can request to the owner or the good step is to ignore & go ahead with anything we are interested into.

    So far my experience to this site is good & positive as only few time that I need to spare. I am still looking for money part but I do feel still I have to go a lot.

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    There are a particular number of points and rank requirement for each member to post in some particular sections, especially in the article section. And also you must have 1000 points and be a gold member to apply for Adsense revenue sharing program. Without those requirements, you can't expect much just by registering on this site. I have visited your profile and you haven't posted anything much rather than few information updates and colleges. One of your articles is deleted and you cannot do much for a deleted article. You have been inactive for many years, and I guess your old information or posts are either deleted or locked for further modifications.
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    If you want to edit your post, please make a request to the editor by providing them with the link to your post. The editor will give you permission and unlock the post for editing. It is not very hard to edit your post. If you want to deactivate this account, I think it is not possible. As Mr Partha advice you that you can discontinue to write any post here. but I will suggest you to active here and share your knowledge on the best educational site. You will enjoy here.
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    Is there a specific reason as to why you want to delete or edit the post?
    Welcome back after almost 8 years of registration. This post of yours has certainly aroused curiosity, you have had 7 visitors including myself to see your profile. You contributions page show 1 each in 6 areas with a total of 20 points.
    You can always ask the editors to make your profile active to enable you to contribute. Once you are regularly interacting then after sometime you can decide to continue or quit.

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