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    Don't we value our Men in Uniform any longer?

    I am not raising this thread for the sake of it, but I do feel it is necessary to give value to the Men in Uniform who are guarding our borders.

    RSS chief Mr. Mohan Bhagwat says that the group can prepare military personnel within three days (three days) which the Army would do in six to seven months (?). So, why have we been investing so much in the defense forces? RSS, the (so-called) most patriotic (read Hindutva) force, was always available. I am sad because these so-called nationalists do not understand the value of those who are guarding the borders. It is terrifying than the stone pelting anti-social elements (or terrorists if you want to call them so) to say the least.

    I would like to have your say on this. Are our men in uniform on the same stand with those RSS clones?
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    If Mohan Bhagwat, the Sarsanghchalak of RSS, indeed made this comment, this must be condemned by all. Such comment proves that he doesn't have much idea about the logistical build-up of Army during the war or similar emergency.

    However, the author of this thread has made the matter very complex by bringing Hindutva ideology in this thread. The comment proves the ignorance of the person who has made this comment, and this is not related to religion(s).

    On the other hand, I feel little bit astonishing when some people observe silence at the time some leader calls the Army 'rapists', or some other tells that Army-men get the salary to get killed.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I can understand the frustration of the author. Actually, some people still could not able to come out from the shock defeat during last general election that the number 1 political party become look like regional. Sometimes I feel that our ISC forum has become a place where we are preparing for the next general election now itself. People who follow a particular political party, take no time to blame each other and try to show down each other.

    However, the main part is the statement here has been provided "half". I am not saying RSS or BJP's opinion I am blindly following but again people's opinion should not be "biased" or "one sided" just because he/she is following other political party's opinion.

    The entire statement was - " "Preparing an army takes six to seven months but we [RSS cadres] will be battle ready in two-three days...this is our capability and discipline that marks us apart,"

    He clarified that "ours is not a military or paramilitary organisation but our discipline is just like them."

    There are so many religion groups and we know how they create their army to attack our "Men In Uniform". If to help them an another army created, I don't find anything wrong in it!

    Have our blood not boiled during Kargil war that even we felt to reach to boarder. The recruitment for army during those days was on peak. I feel not only RSS but we all should provide an army at least from our family to give it to nation to fight out the enemy of our country.

    This kind of statement should not be highlighted as negative but emotional. And anyway, No one should dare to show or finger at our brother those who fight in boarder. We should throw our such cheap mentality which attached them in any matter just to gain political advantage.

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    If somebody makes such a remark it proves his disrespect towards the people who are making their life miserable by staying away from the family and always watching the enemy's moments and trying to answer them in the fittest manner. The comment shows his lack of respect for the army.
    These days politicians some leaders are trying to talk whatever they want without understanding their stature and the country's position. Today we are all happily staying with our families with the confidence we have in our army. One leader calls them rapists, another leader tells that they do the work in 3 days for which army is taking 6 days. Another leader happily says the enemy country is right and our country is wrong. This is the quality of the leaders we are seeing today.

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    The mention about Hindutva was intentional because the person behind is from the RSS. Do they think that our soldiers dying on the border are not trained? I challenge this guy to send his Sena to safeguard our borders. Do not question my integrity when it comes to the pride of our soldiers; Please.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Please do not post a response here if you do not understand what Uniform means to the Men.

    Sleep well because we are guarding the borders!

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    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    "The mention about Hindutva was intentional"- Is this intentional create communal division among Members? Time has come to ask direct questions. Why didn't you raise similar threads when a Keralite communist called Army people rapists? Why didn't you raise questions when an SP hooligan said Armymen are paid to be killed. Where was your respect for the uniform at that time?

    Please don't bring communal feeling in Forum section which perfectly suits your ideology.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Now, you don't to question my integrity? You are just getting personal. It is not that only you carry this under your sleeve. Being an LE does not mean you can say whatever you want. I am as much have the right to response as you have in forum. Does your family member wear any Army Uniform? Do you ever has the chance to live with such army people? I had this, I have seen this uniform since my child hood and spent very close time with them.

    Don't just try to show yourself that you are the only true Indian we have in our country. Little do we too have in our blood. I am surprised about your integrity which become silent when some people wants to divide this country? I am surprised to see your integrity which only wake up when something is said by BJP or RSS. I am surprised for your integrity when you favoured your liking member and throw out the grudge whom you do not like.

    So, at least don't play smart with me MR. LE.

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    "RSS Chief, Mr. Mohan Bhagwat says that the group can prepare military personnel within three days which the Army would do in six to seven months".
    The above statement by RSS Chief is highly deplorable, condemnable, shocking and unacceptable. He is questioning Indian Army's capability.
    How they 'prepare military personnel in three days'? Are they having separate military personnel with them? I mean, with weapons?
    Generally, these types of statements are issued by terror outfits. I would like to know which situation prompted him to issue such statement.

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    Far from it, every true citizen of India would value our Men in uniform with the utmost respect, who safeguard us from the insurgents, terrorists and our enemies. The many episodes including the current Sunjuwan attack countered by the Army with many sacrificing their lives would be remembered by Indians for a long time.

    Prominent leaders who have an audience and looked upon by the general public should be cautious when they make statements concerning the nation and its defence forces. Any words uttered with the chance of being misinterpreted can be an invitation for trouble. Mobilising a group of people is entirely different from mobilising an army with its men and resources. Such statements are better avoided. I hope they issue a clarification.

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    I feel ISC authority promote the Hindu and Hindu haters and that is why this thread is open. ISC webmaster are Christian so they don't feel the emotions of being hurt so they allow their editor to do so.

    I am surprised that the LE Saji Ganesh interegrity take a nap when a Muslim says they want to divide the India.

    Saji Ganesh interegrity only wake up when some Hindu outfit say something and he modify the statement as per his liking to misguided people.

    I would like to ask Webmaster why he allow their editor to talk against Hindu or Hindustan?

    if ISC is so secular let them talk against other religion too like Muslim or Christian why only Hindu?

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    Mr webmaster what your LE is doing is just not good. You removed my thread because it talk against of your editor but why not you remove this thread which only creating differences?

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    Let all of us be true secular like the truly secular institution of Indian Armed Forces and support it whole-heartedly. We must condemn those who demean the Armed Forces. And those who insult the Army (like Kodiyari Balakrishnan, John Dayal or Ajam Khan) must be thrown out of the country.

    So far as Mohan Bhagwat's unfortunate comment is concerned, I feel that it proves his ignorance about the functioning of the Army, but it is not insulting compared to the comments of above three and many more.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I would wait to see the integrity of Saji Gateshead next time when a Muslim talk to divide India. If he is so true and honest let him talk against Muslim. He can not hide his face when A Muslim talk against India. Entire ISC know about his character the impotent character who only know to abuse Hindus

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    A person who does not know about Uniform. A person who never touch the uniform is talking about his integrity idiot. Who only know to talk about Hindu

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