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    Setting aside or throwing away items of elders

    It is paining to see when the youngsters throwing away or setting aside the items used by elders in the house along with them as they deceased. All items used by the elders,not their bed,walking stick,spectacles or dresses but the things which are useful to us like utensils,stone grinders, pooja idols etc., They collected and stored only for them but these people neglect their love. By seeing this activity, it is paining to see when middle aged parents saying that it is for my son/daughter/daughter in law by reserving certain items. But it is wonder they do not do such in case of their jewellery or land or house. If they really hatred of using the items they should write up the land etc to some homes or charities.
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    A fact. Many such sorts of things are happening around. Mainly young people are having no respect and love for the elders.I know people who dedicated their lives to serving their old parents without even marrying. One Doctor in a government hospital did not marry in his life to serve his old mother. He is my distinct relation. My mother's sister never married to serve the old mother. My aunt is 70 years old and their mother is 94 years. My aunt's only duty is to serve her mother. There are a few people like this. But many people want money from their parents but they never care for them. DIsrespecting parents and throwing away the articles that were kept by the parents should not be the way of life. If they feel they are useless for them, they can donate those items to the people who are in need and who may utilise them properly for their living. By doing this they will be helping some people who are in need.
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    Few may do it but I don't think we can make a general statement like this.
    At our homes we have everything used by our grandparents, including their utensils,and pooja idols. The dresses were given off to a homeless charity, Barring a few small items, papers and books, rest is all still intact. We still have a Duckback raincoat ( an old thick sturdy) kept with us. Many might keep some items are still kept in their memory.
    Some people may do it based on a wrong belief or advise that it is not auspicious to keep items after the death of a person.
    What the author is referring to may be a handful of people who follow this practice.

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