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    Today is world radio day.

    Radio, a cheap communication tool which will reach the nook and corner of the world. Radio is a media which will be reachable to all types of people in India. Even after a long period of its discovery, today also it enjoys the affiliation of many people in the world. Every Year February 13th is being celebrated. Radio attracts the attention of many people. Our PM Modi is using to reach the people through his mankibath program on AIR. I remember the radios of big size like a TV, wherein every Sunday we used to gather near the radio for the movie that was being broadcasted by AIR in the after at about 3 PM. Today also FM radio has become a companion for many as they can enjoy the music during travel also.UNESCO calls on all radio stations around the world to showcase the beauty of sports in all of its diversity this year. Best wishes to all the Radio listeners and fans.
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    I join the author in wishing all radio listeners a very happy Radio Day! I doubt whether any of us still listen to the radio. But it had a distinct touch that needs to be appreciated.
    Let me take this opportunity to remember my grandfather who was very strict in tuning to the AIR for the one PM news.
    Let us keep tuned to the radio. It does touch our lives.

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    Great to know that today is the world radio day. Though we are away from the listening pleasure of radio, I do tune into FM radio to time pass while waiting for my daughter to be received from college. I can recall how our elders used to have small transistors with big antennae and keeping the same on to their heads and listening to the running commentary of cricket matches those days. The narration from Narotham Purie was not missed and he used have simple English presentation much to the delight of elders who are very fond of listening to his cricket commentaries. And no one would miss the regional news comes in different languages in the mornings and evenings.
    K Mohan
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    I am still attached to my old radio ( about 17 years old and still working nicely!) and sometimes enjoy it's program especially the old songs.

    Though the cable TV and mobile phone have almost made the radio a thing of past yet for those old people who have the problem of vision, it is still a great companion.

    This thread has awakened the memories when listening to AIR for news and listening to BBC for world news was a addiction.

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    Wow, never knew that. I wish everyone a Happy Radio Day. Radio is still a part of my entertainment these days. But since few months I am very upset with the private radio channels because of the massive amount of advertisements they broadcast. So whenever I switch on the radio, I will listen to old Aakashavani (Hyderabad station) and listen to few old songs and relax. Private radio stations like Mirchi, Rainbow etc are cluttered with ads than they are actually meant to be. I feel like they broadcast songs in the middle of ads not ads in the middle of songs. But I must appreciate the talent of Radio Jockeys in these broadcasting companies. They make the program very intriguing and funny.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Thanks to Dr. Rao for this information which was not known to me. Indeed radion had been the only source of entertainment for the Indians for more than 40 years (1932-1980). Even now, different channels of radio attract the attention of people in rural areas and also people of urban areas (FM channel). Radio is very useful to communicate important messages from Government to the people.
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    Brings back memories of the radios and small transistors that I had seen as a child. I remember my grandfather having a radio that he got from Coimbatore, he also had a license book for it with some stamps on it. I wish, we had preserved it, license for a radio would be unbelievable now.

    Glad that we have a world radio day, this would enable us to retain the heritage of the radio that has slowly lost its value after the arrival of TV and internet. In India, radio stations with good accessibility to the rural population would be useful and relevant to give updates in time.

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    Oh Radio! how come we can forget the musical tone which start before the station was to start. Voice of Pankaj Pachauri in Hindi news and the mesmerising voice of Ameen Sayani in Binaca/Cibaca geetmala. I remember how excitedly we use to wait for every year end of the week of Cibaca Geethmala when we come to know which song has topped the year. There was no image but voice which use to rule us those days.

    Thanks for the author to bring out some old memories from our past life in this thread.

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