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    What are the plurals of words ’Sir’ and ’Madam’?

    It is a very simple question for discussion. According to one opinion these words have no plurals though in many dictionaries, the words 'Sirs' and 'Madams' are listed as plural of the said words.
    While writing a letter also, the phrase 'Dear Sirs' is often used.
    So what is your opinion regarding the subject matter?
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    I feel plural for Sir is Sirs is correct. The dictionaries say that and it is well in practice. Similarly, Madams is the plural for Madam. I don't think the dictionaries are correct. I will go as per the dictionary only.
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    The word 'Sir' can be used both as a singular and as a plural. But nowadays 'Sirs' is also used. The plural of 'Madam' is 'Mesdames' (it is a French word).
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    Both words Sir and Madame aren't English words, that being said most English words are borrowed, but a very few retain their original spelling and pronunciation.
    Sir, comes from sire, which is Old English for a respectable gentleman, which I'm positive is of French roots.
    Madame, I needn't tell, is French too.
    Now, plural of man is men and gentleman is gentlemen. And plural for woman is women.
    So, plural of sire, should be sire only right.
    And Madame would be Madame too.
    Though grammatically acceptable, I find sirs and maams logically unacceptable.

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    When we address a single person present before us, it can be either sir or madam. When we are addressing large number of people in a gathering it must be Ladies and Gentlemen.
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    The plural of Sir is Sirs that I've heard and used in the past. The plural as madams/mesdames, I've not heard or come across so far. I've used Madam only. I was just ignorant so far.

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    The words Sir or Madam is used only during one to one communication. For collective people, we can use Gentlemen or Ladies. Sirs and Madams don't fit in well. It is a general thing to understand and address.
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    I think plural form of sir is Sir's and madam is madam's

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