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    Traditional breakfast took over by breakfast cereals

    Our traditional breakfast like dosa, idli, chapati, roti etc is taken over by cereals today. The reason is breakfast cereals are healthy and helps in keeping us fit. But is this the only reason to switch to these cereals? All these traditional breakfasts also could be made healthy just by making slight changes.
    I feel healthy is just a reason for using it. Most of them use it to save time or because they are lazy to cook or because they might get late in doing other work. However, people don't really tell why they use it except for calling it healthy. But the same people who consume healthy breakfast in the morning are seen eating junk and oily in the evening. So does this cereal compensate the fat intake taken during the rest of the day?
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    Idly is the best item for the breakfast. It is healthy and also gets digested very fast. It is better to avoid oily foods for breakfast. But Dosa, Chapathi and Roti consume very less oil. So if we make them in the house with a good quality oil they are also good for breakfast. They are not at all unhealthy. These days people are having very less physical work. Hence all these concepts of breakfast cereals and similar things are getting advertised.But if you have enough physical activity you can have any good food as your breakfast. If we eat 4 idly in the morning and just walk for 3 or 4 kilometres for some work you will start feeling hungry. The main issue here is the exercise of the body. If we eat idly, dosa or chapthi as breakfast with some side dish with fewer chillies, it will be good for health. Eating junk food, reusing boiled oil again and again and the very spicy food is not good for health. Making these items is also not very difficult nowadays in the house. We have all electrical appliances to make the life of housewife easy.
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    Due to change in lifestyle and the trend of both the partners working, our food habits are enormously affected right from breakfast to the dinner. Now people are using most of the ready-made things and slowly we are getting westernised for that matter.

    Given a choice, the homemade food is preferable as it is far better in taste as well rich in its nutritional value. Lack of time or laziness or any other factor are all excuses to avoid the hassles of cooking and associated tasks.

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    Cereals can't replace wonderful varieties of Parathas! If you add Panjabi Lassi in the menu, no chance of cereals entry into our dining table.(As far as I am concerned)!
    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    One of my friends who own a restaurant once shared with me that high calorie food is also addictive in nature. People who once get addicted to 'outside' food pay even with their life to satiate their carvings.
    In almost all cities in northern India, there are few shops famous for breakfast items like samosas, kachori, paratha, jalebi etc. Many people throng such shops in the morning to have their fill. Such addicts are almost incorrigible and generally such people depart for their heavenly abode at an early date.

    I have travelled a long way from paratha-omelette combo to oats with a dash of chia seeds and flax seeds. I don't like factory processed cork flakes type of packaged cereals.

    Yes, the main reasons of drift from the traditional home cooked breakfast items to the packaged items are affordability and convenience.

    I chuckled when I saw frozen samosas being sold in an American chain store.

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    Nothing can match to the taste and healthy aspects of traditional breakfast to which our house holds are habituated and the children are being fed with it. Even when you are sick , the doctor would recommend to have idli and nothing else. So that shows the power of traditional breakfast which were the easiest way of making for the Indian house wives. Moreover the so called cereal breakfasts eaters which the modern people are habituated, does not give the full satisfaction of having taken the food and thus they will be forced to eat some thing else in between the break fast and lunch and thus that eating habit lead to obese.
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    I hate cereals. They're not tasty. Cornflakes, fruit loops and any other similar pseudo-breakfast material make me cringe.
    I don't like bread either.

    To me a breakfast needs to be heavy. Our whole day before lunch is dependent on our breakfast calories. One sensible man would increase the calorie of breakfast and not find alternatives for it.

    I think due to high presence of oil in puri, dosa and other traditional Indian breakfast the cereals are becoming a useful alternative. But we can make the above dishes in healthy ways too as suggested by author.

    For an example, Ragi is lighter but has more fibre and starch than wheat. Ragi can fulfill our
    Breakfast needs.

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    Indian traditional breakfast of every region is definitely much healthier than western-style cereal-based breakfast. But the companies selling cornflakes and similar other products can't admit this for the sake of their business. So.......
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    Cereals are a lifesaver in the mornings for a nuclear family wherein both parents work. We love traditional breakfast but 5 days a week it is cereals in the morning because, when kids have to be down by 7-45AM, lunch boxes have to be ready and adults have to leave by 830AM, traditional breakfast is a luxury that some like us cannot afford. We follow cereals for most days not because it's healthy but because of the ease and convenience it offers. On holidays and weekends when kids are free, it will be idli or dosa definitely.

    Even the cereals have a good amount of calories, especially if you take it with a glass of milk. Some varieties of cocho fills and museli have higher calories and one should be careful about the volume consumed. Similarly, in South India 2 Idlis + Vada Sambhar is popular in hotels in the mornings, this also had a good amount of calories that we have to keep in mind.

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    Since we break our fast in the morning it is advisable to have a healthy and filling breakfast . Although muesli and other cereals are the most convenient to have, we cannot have them in excessive quantity. Starting the day with fruits like papaya, apple, grapes, bananas, pears etc are good for our health and can be had along with cereals. Such breakfast does not have any oil and are good for the health.
    Having idlis and dosas are also very good and healthy breakfast,provided you have the time to make it in the morning.
    Daliya ( broken wheat) is again a very healthy breakfast.It can be made sweet with milk or salty like an upma, with lot of veggies.
    Yes the Punjabi home made breakfast of eating parathas topped with white home made butter and lassi is indeed satisfying, I prefer to have it once a week. Once in a month or one in a two three months, there is no harm in indulging with home made oily food like puri aloo, or Chana batura.

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