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    How to survive alone in old age?

    Today the society is transforming with a great pace and speed and the old traditions and values are not being honoured by many of the people. It is unfortunate but it is happening.

    Earlier people never bothered for their old age except getting ill or other physical ailments. Today old people are very much worried as there is no one to look after and take care of them. Children are moving here and there in search of greener pastures and forgetting their duty towards their parents.

    In such situation many old people are either moving to shelter homes or passing their time on the mercy of servants, of course, those who can afford them.

    How can a person survive alone in his old age?
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    It is really very difficult to live alone in the old age. If both the life partners together they can manage the life. But one among them alone is very difficult. These days the children not staying with their parents because of their jobs, children's education and other issues. The old people don't want to move from their villages and they were forced to stay alone there. There are old people who are managing their lives somehow even though they have plenty of a money. These days money is not the problem but the execution the works and syncronising with the situations is becoming difficult. The children are supposed to take care of their old parents. If they are not doing that, really it is a difficult situation for the old people. In cities, there are some organisations who will provide you help by sending their people to your house against payment. They will come and do all the arrangements for your food and other aspects and then they will leave.
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    Yes its difficult but there are lot of way to do good work and pass time in right places. You need to set your daily schedule and work on that and do more work on those areas where your interest is more. After some days you time will automatically set and you will also start to earn some money .

    If you are good in writing then make interactive article and review everyday to make it more beautiful if you feel good on article then definitely you will get traffic. Same way you and invest your time in yoga, exercise ,book reading.playing some outdoor light game s.

    In this way you will start to attach with society once you will attach to society then you will get some family type feeling once you get that then you are not alone and your issue resolve.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    For a literate old person either men or women, killing time would be easy as they read, write, draw or even spend time on maintaining the gardening. But think about those senior citizens who are illiterate, they do not know the outer world nor could travel alone. Their plight cannot be mentioned nor mitigated. They have to depend on every one for some help of the other. And those who are sick and bed ridden , their plight is further worsened as no one would co-operate and even the paid nurse would work half heart. So I only pray the God, no one should get that situation and before that the death should happen.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The concept of family, work and travel boundaries have expanded and changed. A few decades ago having a son or daughter working in USA or UK was a great acheviement, today it is far more common. Similary children moving for education and intending to settle down abroad is also seen more often.

    With families being more and more nuclear by choice or by cirumstances, the support system is slowly withering for the couples in retirement. Many are forced to depend on friends, relatives, neigbors or care takers for their day to day activities and needs. The emotional burden of being on our own at old age is something that is underestimated.

    I think, it is wiser of us to except this situation in our cases (so that we won't feel let down later on). We need to plan our health cover, money in hand and assesses to sustain ourselves for the last few years of our life. Having a circle of friends, living in a retirement gated community offers a little more protection and support in case of emergencies. If permitted we can join our children and spend a few years with them overseas.

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    That's why this nature nurture us in slow but systematic way & even in that if we are not able to understand about how the time is changing then its up to us. The concern of the author is understood but this is not the case of this time only but since the time we came into existence. There are peoples as well as the relations that is a mixture of emotions & feelings & by nature the human mind is mean & he is only concern when he is going to get benefit from it or else should be fearful.

    Each one of us need to adjust ourselves with the changing times & the after effect.

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    Just find a partner. One cannot survive ALONE in any age, especially in old age.
    It is loneliness that makes old age hard to bear, and if that old person is alone, loneliness is not far away.
    Children, and other family members do try to give old people time, in most of the houses. But for obvious reasons, they cannot devote whole of their time to their old parents, who generally have a lot of free time.
    So it would be preferable that that Partner be nearly of the same age as that person. Doesn't necessarily have to be only one partner. We, the younger generation, also has an important role to play. Motivate those old people to do those crazy things with those partners or that partner which they didn't have time for when they were young and working busily.
    Of course, family time is also important.
    And, what is also important is: Do not make them feel dependent. Let them perform simple and small jobs, if they feel like doing it.
    Old people can survive in old age, but not Alone.

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