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    Are you aware of YouTube changes and new rule this year?

    Are you aware of YouTube changes and new rule this year? Rule is if in past 12 month you did not get 1000 subscriber and certain hours watch time then lot of feature will get disabled like monetization with adsense .

    Sometime ago I got message from Youtube. If you are Youtube publisher and got the same message please confirm to me also.

    I am worry on that becasue I may loose my Youtube channel features and facility .
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    Well those who watch the Youtube channel regularly or maintaining their own channels need to worry about the new rules. By the way I have not received any such new rules from the Youtube. How can they insist to view the cap as imposed by the new rules , there is no need for the normal subscribers to do so. Viewing the videos are purely based on the pleasure of the user and that should not be imposed. I fear not many can follow the new rules as imposed and shared by the author. They will fall flat with the new rules as many would be failing to fulfil criteria just to keep their revenue possibilities ringing.
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    I am a youtube viewer only. I never published on that channel.But my cousin is a publisher and he lives in the US. Last month he was in Hyderabad for a weak. Then we were discussing youtube as he uploaded some video of my father. At that time he mentioned that the rulers were changed and they are going to enforce minimum viewers and minimum time. I think this is the same message he also got. Further details are not known to me.
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    I received a message from YouTube last year, the details of which I do not remember. It is about monetization. My uploaded videos are mostly family videos which are private. Few videos are linked to monetization through Adsense. I do not have many subscribers and I did not get any revenue from it.
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    Yes. This new rule was imposed several days ago. According to the new rule, the eligibility for monetizing the You Tube videos are:
    1) Channel should have minimum 1000 subscribers
    2) Channel should have minimum 4000 watch hours during last 12 months.
    The channels which fail to meet the above criteria will start receiving the type of alert you got. The deadline was fixed as 20th February 2018. After this deadline, the monetization feature will be disabled for only those channels that are disqualified. However at any point of time, if such channels qualify as per the new rules, the owner of the channel can request the YouTube team to review. The new rule won't affect the users / viewers of You Tube, instead will serve more quality than before.


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    The changes were initiated by an inappropriate video (showing a human corpse) from a popular youtube star. Once Google distanced itself from the video creator, it announced that videos will be manually checked for insensitive/offensive content and to cut earnings of people from such poor content, it has raised the bar so that the viewers get appropriate content to see and enjoy.
    For existing accounts, it applies from 20th Feb 2018. To earn ad revenue via the partner program, at least 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time are needed in the past 12 months.
    This link has further details

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