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    How would you react at the end of the day when the whole day focus on completing a task but fail ?

    Yes what I am saying would have happened to anyone. We attempt a challenging work , a great task to be accomplished and would start with right earnest in the morning itself, of course with the cooperation of others and the task getting deeper and deeper and the time running out, and those who are part of the task would desist midway and take rest and you are left alone to fulfil the criteria and the dead line evening time sets in and you are just a whisker away and the time is over and you are fully exhausted even to feel the failure. How would you react ?
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    We have to do efforts from our side to do every job successfully on every day. It may be a wishful thinking or positive approach to life but in reality due to various internal as well as external factors we do not get success on each successive day.

    We do not have control on everything. There are certain forces and regulations which may not accept our methodology or way of treating a problem. In that case, we have to review and change our working approach to that particular challenge where we failed utterly.

    Life goes like that and some days will be having negative results and will be trying to frustrate us. We should not be discouraged with these temporary hurdles but stand up and devise new methods and ways to solve those problems for a satisfactory solution.

    Those who can take up the failures in this way can only progress and march ahead with flying colours.

    Knowledge is power.

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    "Relax! It's not the end of the world. There is much more to life than sulk over failures. We are humans and not robots to get things done perfectly without any error. It's alright."

    This is what I tell myself and convince myself and trust me it feels so better!

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    Being successful or not is not in our hands. But as far as we are concerned we have to put our cent percent efforts. When we do many tasks we may not be successful in all efforts. A little disappointment may be there when the results are on the other side. But we should not keep on worrying about the same. But analyse the whole issue properly and find out where we have done a mistake and we have taken a wrong stop. Please remember the point and avoid repeating the same mistake. That will be the positive point of the exercise. That will be the outcome.We have learned what we should not do. That way we have to think and go forward.
    always confident

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    The best planning makes provisions for failures also and often standby options are thought of well in advance. In such cases, the after effects of failure remain generally less traumatic.

    As propounded in Gita, we can make efforts only and the end result is not in our hands.

    Remaining mentally prepared for the possible failures yields lesser frustration.
    We should treat all failures as a learning experience only. Failures stir the soul which nucleates the process of betterment.

    The fact remains that the failures are to be welcomed as learning experiences.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When we give our 100%, then we will feel disappointed if the results are not in our favour. But atleast there will be a satisfaction that I tried my level best and did not give up easily. May be with that failure, i may get to learn something new or correct my mistakes.

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