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    Will Elon Musk's SpaceX program revolutionizes the Space Transport?

    We all know that scientists are trying to find a suitable location and volunteers to colonize Mars. But the major challenge is the transport mechanism. Space research organizations such as NASA are using the classic jet (plane like) engines which carry the space shuttles along with the astronauts into space and bring them back to earth. They had many flaws and the project cost is also too high. In one such mission, some astronauts passed away including our India's astronaut Kalpana Chawla in a tragic failure during the journey back to earth.

    To overcome the restrictions of this method, Elon Musk has come with new methods which are cost effective and the primary goal is to transport humans to Mars. Since they are a private organization, they are the first to set world records in sending spacecraft to International Space Station. They also successfully tested the space crafts that can be reused and can land back to the surface of the planet back from the orbit.

    On February 6, 2018, SpaceX launched partially reusable heavy lift launch vehicle called Falcon Heavy into the earth's orbit which carried Tesla Roadster (Electric car). Well, there is no official release of when it is going to land back on to earth surface, it is designed in such way.

    Do you think SpaceX program revolutionized (or will) the space transport system? Will it be the first company to take humans to planet Mars?
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    Elon Musk is a visionary and is now one of the most influential man and a billionaire.
    He will pull off anything.
    Don't you think his idea will reduce the space debris, one of the leading concerns dealing with space travel?
    But Mars is a farcry. Even will all these, it can take 7 months or so to go to mars. The problem isn't transportation. The problem is designing a spacesuit and other equipment in such a way that an astronaut would survive Mars' extremities.

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    While I do admit that Elon Musk's SpaceX programme is revolutionary, I feel that Space travel would be confined to a select few even after 50 years or so. Space travel can never be popular even in distant future.
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    We have witnessed spacecraft landing on Mars and relaying the pictures of the Martian surface and nearby landscapes. So beginning is made.

    Now the only way is to send some volunteers to Mars and let them try to colonize there. Can they do it? That is the question yet to be answered. The atmosphere of Mars, lack of surface water so far, the summer and winter seasons and most important is starting agriculture there. Looks very very difficult but not impossible for the scientists pursuing inter planetary journeys and settlement of human colonies on other favourable planets.

    In scientific research we have seen in past unbelievable things coming in reality. Who knows one day the human race may start a new generation on Earth 2.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Why are we allowing junk up in space? first, we have a giant reflecting ball, now we have a Tesla car and dummy. Are we becoming space litterbugs?

    It's a great achievement by a non-government player to launch spacecraft, i think this can be a reality to short-term space and moon trip but not to Mars. Man's space mission until the moon landings was a direct result of a politically fuelled space race by the two superpowers USA and Russia. After the moon landing, the program lost impetus and took a few years to take off again. So, such feats by private groups would be a boost to space tourism in the near future.
    The major hurdles are ensuring the safety of human lives visiting space, the cost of the spacecraft and the time taken to reach Mars (6 months( in comparison to reaching Moon(three days)

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    I feel it is a little far from now to colonize Mars. The scientists are trying to find out whether any paces with surface water. So I feel the present generation may not experience the space travel. It will take some time to make it a reality. Presently it is a vision only.
    But the launching of a spacecraft by a non-government Organisation is a real achievement and we should congratulate the organisation for the work done and the name earned. Definitely, they are going to do wonders. T Successfully testing the space crafts, It is very encouraging to achieving the concept of reusing and making to land back on the planet from the orbit is itself is a great achievement.
    Let us see that our real estate business will flourish on Mars also shortly.

    always confident

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