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    Respect to the original Nightingale on her birthday

    On 13th February, 1879, she was born in Hyderabad. Her father was the personal physician of the Nizam. She received her education at the University of Madras, London and Cambridge. Since her adolescence, she started writing poetry. He poetry was noted for subtle expression of love and joy, pictorial description of nature and depiction of patriotism. Many thought that she would settle in England and become a great poet. She was titled the ''Nightingale of India''.

    But her country was calling. She returned and settled in Hyderabad. She joined freedom movement, jailed many a time and became the President of Indian National Congress in 1925. After the independence of India, she became the first Governor of the United Province (present-day Uttar Pradesh). She left the world on 2nd March, 1949.

    On her birthday, my respect to Sarojini Chattopadhyay (Naidu), the original Nightingale of India.
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    The Nightingale of India, Mrs Sarojini Naidu is the daughter in law of Hyderabad Naidu. That is why Chattopadhyay has become the Naidu. Today morning while commuting to the office over FM station I remembered that her birth id today. My salutations to the great lady for her selfless service to the Nation. She sacrificed her great career and came back to settle in India and contributed her might for the country. On the day of her birthday my respects to the great leader.
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    Our salutations to this great poet and freedom fighter Mrs. Sarojini Naidu, she was the first Indian Woman President of Indian National Congress.

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    My salutations to the greatest and strongest women of our freedom fighting era and she was the pillar among the women leaders and most famous in the Congress party. She was consulted by even Mahatma Gandhi on important issues to mobilise the women support during freedom struggles. When ever I pass through the Golden Threshold , the then residence of Sarijini Naidu at Abids which is now converted into Hyderabad University city centre, I shall recall how she would have took part in the freedom struggle when there was no active communications like cell phone and social media now. Really a great lady.
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