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    P.M. Narendra Modi will deliver a speech on 16 March to students

    P.M. Narendra Modi will deliver a speech on 16 March to students about his book "Exam warrior". Every school will arrange Television or radio as per his convenience. You can watch his speech on Doordarshan or can listen on Radio. Students from 6th to 12th standard will listen to the speech of Mr. Narendra Modi. Hope this speech will help them to reduce the stress and pressure.
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    It is very nice to know that the Prime Minister is going to teach students of the 6th standard to 10th standard of all schools in our country. I feel it is the first time it is happening in our country. Earlier times PMs might have addressed all the people of India many times. Even the present PM also coming on Mankibath program. But a special speech by a Pm to the students is a really great aspect. His oration skills are very well known. He can impress on students with his speech. Another aspect is these students may not have any voting right also. So it can't be taken as an election gimmick. If the students are getting some good advice from him and at least some more going out of stress and pressure, that will be a good achievement. Let us look forward to his speech and have a view of that.
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    I think no other Prime Minister in India or the world have ever shown concern towards the students and their studies and our PM Modi must be complemented to think on those lines and help students through his tips on how to be stress free before the exams and how to perform well. His latest book " Exam Warriors" has been bestowed with many tips and points to remember before going for any exam. Never ever in the past any PM has taken such a endeavour to ensure that students write exam peacefully and not with pressure way. Hope with his speech on March 16th this time, the students would score great marks in all subjects.
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    It is really a novel idea to address the students. The gesture of our Prime Minister to connect with the students of this country is really a praiseworthy affair.

    Let us all wait for the message and assurances he is going to deliver to this young generation.

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    Earlier also the present Prime Minister interacted with school-going students many a time. I think this time he is going to stress upon the stress-free study to the children. Interaction/Addressing the next generation is a very novel gesture and this was not seen during the last 50 years or so (only Nehru used to interact with children).
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