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    Why should we blame Social media, when the users misuse it?

    I personally support all kind of technological advancements in the field of social networking. It eases people's reach ability and connectivity across the borders. When these advancements come to the market, they come with the intention to favor people. So, making the best use of these social media is in the hands of public.

    Of course, there are people prefer to use it for destructive purpose. If their intention is to make non sense, they will obviously find any other mean to fulfill their inappropriate negative desires. Also, people should aware be aware of their privacy settings before using social media. This will help to stay away from data theft issues.

    Now a days, I find public and parents complain that their kids spends too much of their time in social media. It is the problem of parenting and not of social media. When parents could not control the activities of their one or two kids, it is not desirable to expect a corporate to control the activities of unknown people.

    In olden days, educational researches and paper submissions were based on secondary research, which were mainly of books; but now, the secondary research is mainly depending upon open source information in Internet like google, yahoo etc. So, obviously, students are forced to get access to digital devices and internet, which let them get access to social media as well.

    Here is an article of mine, describing the basic differences between social media an social networking. Also, other possible benefits that could be gained from social media sites. Why should we sign up to social media sites?

    Still, in my heart, I am confused; people get various benefits from social media, also many are aware that social media is part of their life these days, still why do they blame social media as a curse to technology.
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    It depends on a person the ability to use/overuse/misuse any medium that is available within reach. In olden days where television was first introduced, it marked a new era in the entertainment field. Well, we also saw cases where people became too addicted to television programs and sat in front of it for hours. But none blamed TV but the person. The same applies here too, the technological advancement, social media, internet and name whatever you can, the choice of using or misusing depends on the person but we should not completely blame the technology. Of course, it has its own flaws but there are ways to overcome it. We should learn how to use the available resources properly without giving a negative impact.
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    It depends on person's mind. Social media does not say to misuse it. People do so we should blame miss users no social media. Social media's main objective is to connect people, to help them not to miss use. Girls picture is miss used and we blame girls not that person who did it. One' s intention should be blamed not social media.

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    Here we can't blame the system. The technological advances in the life are always good. Evry coin will have two sides. Similarly, every advancement will have some disadvantages also. Because of these small issues, we can't ignore the development. When a system is developed it is the user to decide what to do with that and what not. The use of system intelligently will be always in the hands of the user. If the driver maintains the car properly the maintenance will be less. In the same way, these social media also is having many positives but a few negatives. As a user, it is your discretion what you do with that.
    If their children are spending more time on this social media, the job of the parents is to observe them mentor them and tutor them properly and see that the will be understanding the priorities of life. Instead of that blaming the social media is not a welcome aspect. As mentioned in the other posts, using/misusing/overusing is in the hands of the user but not in the hands of the creator.

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    Technology wise social media is a great platform for people to share their thoughts, discuss a matter, communicate, publish something, praise a thing, condemn an act and things like that. So it is a boon for many users.

    Unfortunately, there are some bad elements who are misusing it for selfish motives. Due to that the platform is getting a bad name. Another aspect is some people are too much obsessed with the social media. They are spending a lot of time in it and their productivity at their workplace is getting badly affected.

    Due to this negative side parents are worried for their children. This is a delicate situation. We should take care when communicating and commenting in social media and avoid anything which appears fake and misleading.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is no meaning in finding fault with any media. All these media are the results of innovative works done by several people. The aim of such innovations was to communicate information within a limited time interval. Just think about those days when no communication means were available. People had to walk miles to intimate about the death or birth or any other important matter to relatives. When postal facilities came the difficulty got lessened. Next was telegrams, telephone and such other modified techniques. Parallel to this the general communications also started to pass on quickly through news papers, radios, Televisions etc. Electronic gadgets started to replace everything soon.
    Together with these advancements the technological improvements were started to misuse by some category of people. It is just like using the technology of aeroplane for the movement of people and also for movement of war weapons. We cannot find fault with the invention of planes, it is the destructive mentality of people which lead to this. Similar is the case with the present day social media. It is a section of the people who misuse it. Unfortunately there is no methodology to control the same at present. Societies should control its own members by whatever means possible.

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    I do agree that the motive of the social media was to facilitate to exchange information, images, videos and have chats between the family members and friends. But the social media is being virtually taken for a ride by unruly elements to post unwanted and porn stuffs to which the promoters may not be responsible. Even a decent person on opening his pages to view his own channel we find porn movies and pages cropping in between that is really harassment. Wise people would leave that page and forget. But others would certainly visit to know the hidden things. Thus social media were blamed for worst stuff to which everyone has to be blamed.
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    Thoughtful thread on social media. Any new discovery or invention is at the mercy of its users. I think it's human nature to quickly find a way to deflect the blame from us to the others.

    Enrico Fermi, is considered as the father of the nuclear era. But his work ended up being used for the bombs. After the first bomb was tested (1949), he strongly opposed the hydrogen bomb on moral and technical grounds.
    Similarly, many of the gadgets and social media are invaluable to modern life but we have forgotten how to moderate its use and curb its misuse.
    There are so many examples of Indians abroad in distress, sending tweets to the Ministry of external affairs to get timely help. I think as responsible users, we need to cultivate the habit of the right way to use social media and regularly instill the maturity in users, young and old.

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    Pl. go through the below points #
    1. Once we were dependent on the post offices for any news or messages but now we have numerous site like the Gmail or Yahoo or in which you can create your own a/c & can do the transactions with only a few second that the other party will get your updates with just the operating cost of internet & the same is also readily available in your palm in the tool of Mobiles. Facebook is a famous name that we all are well aware of.

    2. While doing any financial transactions, again the modern tool plays the important role that few hundred to even lakhs of Rupees can be sent very safely to the other accounts. Previously this was never possible & also were not secured & were also liable to get looted.

    Adding, there is a famous quote as Where There Is A Way, There Is A will. We just can't ignore this admitting that biggest terrorist activities have taken place while on the other way many of those were known to the security agencies even before the time that those were executed so saving life & properties.

    It's up to us to decide about how we can make use of anything.

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    Yes, you are right it depends upon user for how much time and when we use social media. Many peoples blaming social media like facebook, instagram,.. etc. Social media is just for communication purpose with our friends circles, family and relatives. Specially youth or teens spent alot of time on social media and that is the reason of not being active on study. This is affects badly on their studies of being active on social media. There are so many annoying people on instagram, snapchat, facebook that we all hate. Some people on instagram, tinder, snapchat, facebook can be so obsessed with themselves.

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