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    Is it right to say that what happened in the Delhi bus is better than rape and murder?

    Taslima Nasreen, the author of the much debated novel 'Lajja' has tweeted that -

    'A man in a crowded Delhi bus............. It should not be considered a big crime in the era of rape culture. Men should rather..............., than rape and murder. Is............. in public a crime? Well it is a victim-less crime.'

    She was referring to the shocking incident in which a Delhi University student was subjected to sexual harassment by a middle aged man who....., a crowded bus while sitting besides the student. In the video posted by the student, the middle age man is seen exposing and fondling himself.

    Delhi has often been described as the rape capital of India. In many cases of heinous crime even infants are raped and murdered.
    Even then, is it right on the part of the author in exile to tweet so?
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    When the subject matter is itself controversial and not to be discussed which may further amounts to out rage of unlawful elements, why the author chose to raise such issues in this forum ?
    K Mohan
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    Wasn't it a long time ago in last year? When I first heard this, I laughed. It sounded funny afterall. Then after laughter, severe disgust followed.
    But tell me this, how can one be sure that the man was indulging in arousal and not just,you know, setting his underpants or something.

    Because men are very touchy about sex in India. No man in India would even think of masterbation in public.
    (I said the word because other members could easily understand the gravity. )
    Such behaviour defies logic and is far from morally right.

    And that writer's comment about the event though logically sounds correct and acceptable; it seems she doesn't have an ounce of empathy in her.

    And it is not a sexual harassment as long as only a single person is involved. Far from mental abuse. This act can be classified under stalking because the man was observing the girl from a long time . That is all. If anything, this was a serious case of stalking.

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    I think that the man is not only a pervert but also a sort of addict. When the college girl raised a hue and cry, there was no reaction noticed in him. But the bus was not at all crowded. It was almost empty because it almost reached the Vasant Vihar Bus Depot.
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    Aditya Mohan,

    No man would even think of masturbation in public. Is that so? I would advise you to speak for yourself, and not the entire gender. It appears that you have not been following the news reports. There have been quite a few incidents reported of men masturbating in public. And one incident is fairly recent, and it happened in your city.

    Does such behaviour defy logic? Is the woman lying? Men indulge in sexual offences when in groups (gang rape). That is a sort of voyeurism and you say Indian men are "touchy about sex".

    Your definition of sexual harassment is warped. Agree that the law does not consider masturbation, in public, a crime, but I think it is time for the laws to be changed, so such offenders can be brought to justice.

    You term this as stalking, which in itself is terrifying. Imagine, being seated next to a man who exposes and fondles himself. Was he really that innocent – he used the bag on his lap to shield his nefarious act but made sure the victim had a 'gallery' view.

    How do we know that he wasn't just adjusting his ill-fitting briefs? Well, the woman recorded a video of the act – I am going by the news reports and haven't come across the newsfeed with the video.

    You say it is not sexual harassment. He chose to sit next to a woman and ensured that she had a view of his privates and his actions. He tried to touch her, leaned towards her. Don't you think that is sexual harassment?

    Such incidents should not be trivialised. That which is unacceptable should be condemned and not be justified.

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    There is no doubt in my mind that this act was a sexual offence and the man must be arrested. But the author of this thread wants to discuss the view expressed by Ms. Taslima Nasreen. So far Ms. Nasreen is concerned, she can state/write whatever she feels in her social media posts.
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    I agree that this act is nothing but a sexual offence only. The culprit should be punished. Whether it is a small or big mistake is a mistake. A big mistake will have big punishment. A small mistake will have small punishment. Nobody should say that small mistakes can be ignored because there are many other bigger mistakes. That logic will not hold good. However, the individuals can tell their opinions in social media these days and what they say may not have any stand. It is his/her individual opinion. There is a law existing in the country. It will take its own course and do whatever is to be done.
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    Nowhere in the Indian Penal Code (IPC) or Indian law for that matter, 'public masturbation' is listed as a crime.

    However, cases of public masturbation can be filed under Section 354 of the IPC, which deals with 'assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty, Section 509 which deals with 'gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman', and/or Section 268, which handles cases of 'public nuisance'.

    Also, perhaps it is not right to say that 'it is a victim-less' crime as the girl sitting besides the middle aged man was shocked by the indecent behaviour and felt like being victimised by being masturbated at.

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    The irony here is the tweet is in-sensitive for a sensitive subject like this.

    Such topics are open to misinterpretation, here the author has chosen to mention in a manner as if the girl was not a victim. Abuse of such nature or Fondling may be a crime of a lesser degree compared to rape but this doesn't mean that we do not condemn it. Such instances need to be condemned and punished. There are similar reports from parking lots near Girl's hostel, college etc.

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    Latest update on the case: The man has not yet been arrested. Yesterday the Delhi police announced a reward of Rs 25,000/- for providing information about the man.
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