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    How to choose your friends?

    A good friend is the biggest treasure of our life. We can share our happiness with him as well as can discuss our problems with him. He is our companion in good and bad times.

    The problem comes in the selection of a friend. Whom should I make my friend? This question often comes to our mind. There are all types of people in the society. Some are selfish and clever. They will cheat even their near and dears including friends. They will take advantage of their relations with others.

    In such situation how to select a good friend?
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    Making a friend is all depend on us. We should not be carried away with those who makes good comments on us, give a feeling that they care for us and always talk about good of us. By doing so we are flattered by their utmost care behaviour and thus start revealing our secrets of life and that person would take that as his advantage and behave strangely and even demanding ransom or favour by not revealing the secrets to others. A good friend is one who has good thoughts in matching with us, a better friend in one who moves with likes and dislikes, and the best friend is one who stays with us in the good and bad times of life. A best friend is one who knows all about you, here I am stressing our demerits and setbacks and still likes us. Such friends are rare and those and those who have them are really blessed.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Friends can't be chosen, friendship happens. If friends are consciously chosen, that is artificial friendship which can't stand the test of time. This is my personal opinion from my personal experience.

    If the friend(s) is/are chosen, it reeks of selfishness and selfishness in any relationship ultimately destroys it.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    As said above, we cannot chose friends but friends just happened. As per my observation, we happen to get friends with like minded person were our thoughts, attitude is all similar. If you and your friend has no similarities, then you don't get along well and you will just remain as hi bye friends.

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    The day one we see a person we feel like talking to him/her. While talking we may get the feeling that the other person will be good for us as a friend. This feeling will happen and result in friendship. But we can't choose and make friendship. The feeling of friendship will happen if the wavelength and chemistry match. The true friendship will never look for anything in return. If your friend is in need of some help if you go and help him without any asking or saying. you can be his real friend. A friend in need is the friend indeed.
    If the habits, thoughts, nature and attitude matches between two people I feel they can become good friends.
    The true colours of the friends will come out only in the times of necessity. So we can be friends with many but we should be familiar with a few. Those few can be your real friends.

    always confident

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