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    Valentines Day - Moral Policing

    Valentine's Day is a very special day for people in love. Whether they are married or not, this day marks a beautiful memory amongst many couples. While this day has spread across the continents and reached India, it is no exception that this day is celebrated in India equally with other western countries. While many people may support this day, there is an equal oppression by a certain group of people.

    The so-called groups (I will not take the names) have warned youth that if they see any couple celebrating Valentine's Day, will conduct marriage then and there. Who are they to do that? Why in the name of moral policing are they relenting to such activities? Why can't the law enforcement take proper action on such goons? Who gave them such rights to intrude into the private space of people? There have been many incidents where these moral police people trashed couples, irrespective of men and women to black and blue.

    Valentine's Day is not the only day which has reached India from other western countries. There are plenty of such days (ex: New Year's Eve) which are being celebrated and this "Moral Police" have no issue with them but why with Valentine's Day? This day marks the expression of love towards their partner or future partner. Is expressing love a heinous crime? And nowadays youngsters are quite matured and being practical about their future life partner and it is a good practice to understand each other before getting married. Why are these people intruding into a person's freedom? This is a democratic country right! We must respect an individual's choices and freedom. You have no right to be a 'God Father' and do absurd things in the name of 'Moral Policing'.
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    Although many people will strongly object, I feel that little bit of moral policing is necessary. Let me explain my position.

    (a) Why moral policing? This is simply because actual policing everywhere is not possible. On such occasions, many untoward incidents happen. Moral policing prevent at least some of the incidents.
    (b) The intimacy displayed by young couples in public places causes a great amount of discomfort to elderly people, especially in front of small children. Such moral policing to some extent checks such awkward intimacy.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    There is no harm in celebrating valentines day but couple should know their limits and be in their limits. Displaying indecent acts in public should be stopped. If they are just spending time with each other with no indecency, then it is wrong if moral policing act on them.

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    Why is Policing required everywhere in the first place? I don't understand your logic, requirement of policing everywhere. There is a legal right to privacy, Have you heard of it? Article 21 (I don't remember the subclause) states that every individual has a right to go anywhere and stay anywhere (other than restricted areas) in India. Even a police officer requires a written statement from a judge to ask personal details of a citizen. Without legal authority permission, you cant do that.

    If you say 'many untoward incidents happen' why do these moral people target only unmarried couples and that too on Valentine's day? Aren't there any days that these couples go out together other than Valentine's day which may cause, according to you an untoward incident.

    Intimacy!!! You make me laugh. This is India and we don't get deeply intimate in public. A hug, a peck is quite common and does not happen especially on Valentine's day. And by the way, this is a democratic country and pertaining to standards and situation of present Indian society, no one gets sexually intimate (in public) rather than a hug or kiss. And this is not done by unmarried couples on a Valentine's Day but also on other days. Even a married couple show their affection in public. Do you think that is intimate? Common, get out of the well.

    Irrespective of my comments, whether the couple gets intimate or not, if untoward incidents happen or not, these goons have no right to interfere in someone else's life. We have equal rights as every citizen of India and we have the freedom of expression irrespective of place.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Valentine's Day is not known to many Indians till very recently. Even today in villages and rural areas this is not very popular. This Day philosophy has come from western culture. Mother's day, Father's day and Lover's day. Like Mahasivaratri for Siva, Father's day is for father, Mother's day is for mother and Valentine's day for Love. There is a reason why we have to perform pooja for Siva on Shivaratri day and many people explain what is the speciality on that day. Similarly is there any on these days for deciding them as so and so day. I have no knowledge on this subject. If any learned members know I feel happy to learn from them.
    As far as I am concerned I don't require any special day for father, mother or lover. You have to show your affection, love and desire for them always and do the service as and when they require. Salute or hug them on that particular day and forget them for the remaining days may not make any logic.
    I agree that unnecessary interference from the third party into the affairs of the individuals. But there is a limit to anything. I can't put on fire to my house saying that it is my property and I can do anything with that. With your act, the neighbouring houses will also get spoiled. This point is to be kept in mind when you play with your own individual property.

    always confident

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    The coin had two sides one good and other bad. Valentine's day should be celebrated but in limits. You cant stop someone for not celebrating their day, but a couple should celebrate in limits. If you celebrate in parks elders and children will not feel good. The couple should celebrate in personal, not in public place.
    I feel they group can't oppose fully for celebrating love. They should say that celebrate in limits.

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    Moral policing on "Valentines Day" is done by some groups which have political backing. No action is being taken to curb such activities by these groups. They are emboldened by the inaction and resorting to harassment of young people on this day.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Whenever the Valentines day comes, the moral policing topic would erupt in social media and also in this forum too. It is good that one must celebrate every day which comes our way. But on this valentines day the youth goes overboard and I have seen many youth making huge costly purchases for the girl friend and boy friend not knowing to the parents. There is nothing wrong to have a life partner and for the love making is the first basic but for the parent approval would have been much better . And the moral policing persons would stoop to the level of performing marriage to those couple who are seen on this day and thus in a way they are sending the strong message to the parents, to both the parents that the children cannot go roaming on the road , spend huge money for some temporary pleasure and then part ways as if nothing happened.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dr. Shashikanth: Sorry, I didn't notice your response (#626333) earlier. You have stated ''if untoward incidents happen or not, these goons have no right to interfere in someone else's life''.

    Most of these so-called ''moral police'' don't harass the couples much. They only segregate them, stop extreme physical intimacy in public places and advise those couples. Only in extreme cases, the intimate couples are harassed and these cases become news, thanks to the media people.

    If physical intimacies in public places aren't discouraged, the number of undesirable incidents would increase, and the people, especially women and children would be more vulnerable. The elderly people would be very embarrassed, especially in the presence of young children with an impressionable mind.

    We have to only ensure that the couples are not physically harmed by those moral policemen.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I thank everyone for your great responses. But most of you have not got the central idea of this thread. So I will ask few questions in pointwise to make myself clear.

    1. Why are these people doing moral policing?
    2. Who are they? Are they law enforcers or are they officially appointed by the government of India? who gave them right to take the law into their hands?
    3. Who gave them the right to intrude into someone else's life?
    4. If they are really on the move to discourage a 'deep physical intimacy' why aren't they policing other days (other than valentines day) and why are they not preventing eve teasing or rapes?
    5. Why aren't they unable to stop other heinous acts against women which happen every day in India and why they get 'activated' on valentines day only?
    6. Who are they to force them to marry if they are just talking? Yes, they forced countless unmarried couples to marry when they are out on valentines day, even though when those couples are not physically intimate.

    Can someone answer my questions?

    PS: Please don't justify their actions by saying that valentines day is a western culture and they are against it.There are plenty other western cultures which involves couples and they have no objections to that. Also, don't say that they cannot do policing everyday and everywhere. If you can't do everywhere and every time, better not to do on valentines day also.

    My point here is (if you all can understand), it is good to be in limits in public areas but no one has any right to intrude and take the authoritative command to correct them. It comes out of self-respect and social ethics, whether to be in limit or cross them. A person beside the couple or any other couple can warn them if they do some public acts which cause inconvenience but who gave them the authority to form as 'mob' and 'patrol' the areas looking for couples and keeping an eye on them. Disturbing their privacy and also physically intruding, asking questions, trashing them. Who are they to do that?

    @Partha sir
    Media has highlighted the so-called goons who trashed innocent couples as well. You can't justify them that they only trashed those who got deeply intimate. No, that's not the case many times, they try to intrude even if they are sitting and just talking. They trashed them black and blue plenty of times. If you want I will provide some video links for this. You can check. If you really support these groups to do the policing and stop physical intimacies in public, ask them to stop eve teasing and keep checking other offenses against women.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Valentines Day and Moral Policing are two entirely different issues being linked by people for a few minutes of fame/ prime time by having a visibility in the news channels, print media and social media.

    Valentines Day should be celebrated without fear by people in love if they are in the legal age group and they do not become a social nuisance. The practical problem here is the way love is portrayed in movies, you tube videos, the rush of emotions in a young mind, the hormones and the lack of space. All this force couples to find a place wherein they need some privacy. Some couples take it to the next level and this happens in secluded places, tourist spots, public parks. One can see numerous videos of people getting very intimate in public places. I have been part of a group of visitors to parks and small hillocks with temples and lakes only to see condoms behind trees and compound walls.
    So, a few enthisasit couples mar the image of couple truly in love.

    Moral Policing is more a political agenda under the guise of preserving our tradition. If you ask a criminal why he carried out a crime, there will be a motive or just the opporuinty to carry it out. Here some couples give these moral police enought smoke for them call Fire! and carry out Moral Policing.
    Nobody legalizes these moral police except certain outfits with a political agenda. This will happen in our country more often on particular days ( like Valentines Day) because there is nothing better than choosing the right time to prove their point and hog the lime light. Apart from that, India is a vast country wherein many social issues and disputes are settled NOT by law and order departments but by the local groups.

    Another sad truth in India is often men folk want to admire the beauty of women and have a girl friend but when it comes their own sisters some of them want the opposite and take a high moral ground of tradition and values.

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