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    Do puzzle games sharpen our wits?

    There are many puzzle games being played by children as well as elders either manually or in the computer. Some of the common games are Rubik's cube, Sudoku, Bricks and many like that.

    Some people play these games very fast and solve the puzzles in very less time while others take considerable time. Of course, that depends on practice also.

    Do these games help us in sharpening our mental faculties so that we can take up challenging jobs in life and do our jobs more successfully or those learnings are only limited to that particular game? Do they really sharpen our wits? What is the opinion of the members?
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    Yes we should not keep our mind idle. We should give some work or the other to keep it busy. Puzzle games are one such way to engage the brain to thinking mode and thus we get so many ideas and the time would pass productively. I have seen many people playing chess which is also a good game giving work to mind. And those who play the cross word puzzle appearing in news paper daily would be thinking of the words always and thus even while sleeping their mind would be working. And the people who does puzzle are less involved in social media and they wont waste time with chatting and street corner meetings. The most important advantage of playing puzzle that a person becomes more intelligent, he cannot be easily deceived and he has the full hand information of the things to going to happen.
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    Yes, these games are really helpful to sharpen our minds. These games are the great exercises for the brain. These games improve our thinking power, memory capability, blood circulation in the brain, etc. Children which play these types of games can think faster than other children. I can say whether they can get a job in future but certainly, they will compete for other students in competition exams which are logically based.
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    True. These games are good for mind sharpening. They will be helpful in keeping our mind alert and active. They are very good exercise for our mind. The logical thinking of the mund will further improve with these activities. We can think quickly. I always try to complete sudoku in the newspapers. Even I purchased a sudoku book and I will try to fill whenever I get some time. I also try other quiz competitions and crossword puzzles. But I spend some time with sudoku every day. Initially, when I started doing this I used to use a pencil for corrections. But now I am able to fill it directly with a pen. We should encourage the students and children to make the habit of playing these quizzes which will make them sharp and can compete with other people especially in general awareness and mathematical aptitude tests.
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    Yes puzzle games sharpen our minds and help us to concentrate. Since our focus is at one particular thing, our minds are set to solve the puzzles. It also gives us a sense of achievement when the puzzle is solved.
    Therefore playing puzzle games like suduku and crossword puzzle are helpful to increase the brain power.
    Another game that needs to use our brains actively is chess. Playing chess regularly sharpens our minds.
    I have also played a marble game wherein you have to place all the marbles together in a particular row,on a wooden board.

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    Yes I too believe that playing puzzle games like suduko, words puzzles, cross words, cube etc. will improve our thinking ability and knowledge. These games help us to improve concentration and sharpen our mind.

    I usually love to play crossword puzzle games and mainly words related puzzle games like guessing words, scramble words which helps us to improve our vocabulary and English language.

    Children usually play games like racing, arcade etc. instead we have to encourage them to play puzzle and wird games to improve their thinking level and knowledge.


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    I think puzzle games do sharpen our wits. These games help us to think logically and systematically. Thinking logically and systematically, in turn, helps the students of Mathematics. These puzzle games also immensely help to crack Reasoning portion of various competitive examinations.
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    Yes, these puzzles actually sharpen our minds. It increases our memory, thinking capacity. By solving these puzzles, we improve our concentration and focus. I love playing sudoku and everyday I make sure to complete the sudoku in newspaper. And trust me, it definitely helped me with my concentration and the focus. Even my thinking speed has improved alot.

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    Mind games, simulation games, puzzles are all activities that stimulate the mind and the average person to think. This is similar to the exercises we do to keep our body fit, puzzles are other mind games are exercises for the mind to keep it fit. For me, doing some puzzles or a simple Sudoku is relaxing from the stress or monotony of work and like having a refreshing break. Some people who are very good at this actually enjoy tackling these challenges, I could not do the rubick cube for a long time until I got the tips from the internet.

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    These do help in making ourselves to respond fast & to think of even about the complicated chemistries of complex situations. These are the tools proving exercise for our brain in the way that we broaden our areas wherein we have to work out.

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