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    How to crack walk in interview for fresher?

    I'm going for the first walk in interview in international technical company. Is there any difference between schedule interview and walk in interview? My highest qualification is graduated in BCA stream. How to prepare for technical interview? Is there any less chances to got selected for a job if I going for a walk in interview as a fresher? What things I needs to be aware of?
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    What I feel that for a fresher the interview may not be that tough . As the author suggest, the company wants to hire freshers and then given full training to make them as the full fledged employees. Being a technical company they want to ensure your sincerity to job, how long you shall continue after training, and how best your knowledge on various issues can be utilised by the company. Normally for the freshers the first company giving huge training shall enter into a bond so that you commit to work for so many years sincerely and with dedication. Otherwise the essence of their training would be lost.
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    There will be a written test if the embers who are attending walk in interview are more. If there is a written test it will be generally on your mathematical aptitude, general awareness and general knowledge. The candidates who are qualified here will be asked to attend a group discussion. In group discussion a topic will be given and one person will be made the leader of the team and he has to monitor the discussion and an output has to come. There will be an observer and he will mark points to the participants and based on the marks they will make a list of qualified people. Then there will be an interview about your technical skill and subject depth. This will be mainly on your fundamental concept and the projects you have undertaken. Then the final interview will be with HR. They will try to complete all these steps in a day or they may call the selected candidates next day also. So you should be well prepared for the accepts already I have mentioned above. Be sincere in your answers. if you don't know it is better to say the fact rather than bluffing or telling a wrong answer. be confident. Whatever you talk, you should talk confidently. Be positive and be attentive. That will give you a better chance to get selected. All the best to you.
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    Getting selected for the job depends on how well you performed in the interview and the number of positions they have in their company. Interview procedure always depends on the company but usually, it will be the same for a walk-in drive and scheduled interview. An extra group discussion round may be included for the walk-in drive to make the screening easier as there will be a number of participants.
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    Walking in interviews are more common these days, where in the some companies encourage talent to coming via the non-traditional way of inviting applications, checking their CVs etc. Keep your important documents in order, especially any key prize or award that you have mentioned, you should be able to present some evidence if asked.

    The article section has many articles on Non-verbal tips, body language and tips to be successful in a fresher interview. Keep your mind open, be confidence, understand the question properly before answering. It's better to be honest because if your are fresher, you would be facing seasoned people who can pickup lies very quickly by just probing you on a particular point.

    Be open to take up offers even if is temporary for a short period to observe your performance.

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