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    Is it necessary for us to celebrate different days to show our loves?

    Today we are celebrating Valentine day with great zeal. It is a western culture and we (Indians) are following this culture. Like Valentine day we also celebrate mother's day, father's day, etc. Is it necessary for us to celebrate these days? Do we need some special day to show our love to our beloved mother, father, spouse, etc? Can we not love out mother, father and spouse whole year? We can make all the days of the year as mother's day, father's day or Valentine day. What do you think? Members, please share your opinion in this thread.
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    Festivals, fairs, picnics, get to gether etc are basically for fun and frolic and people like them. Celebrating days is similar to that. It is another opportunity to enjoy with friends. It is human nature. Given opportunity we want to enjoy 365 days in a year.

    I do not think that it is only to honour or respect the particular person on whose name it is being celebrated. In a formal way cakes are cut to felicitate the father, mother, teacher, valentine etc whatever the case may be. That is just a part of celebration.

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    I agree with the author. Why should we have a separate day to express our love and affection to our partner. Every day we can do that. We can celebrate her birthday or marriage day and offers our gifts and affection to her. Similarly, our parents are respectable every day. There is no need to have a separate day to express our gratitude to them. If you want an occasion for showing our affection there will be many occasions. We celebrate birthdays of various gods as festivals. Similarly, on the birthdays of our parents, we can show our respect to them by giving gifts etc. So there is no point in having a separate day for each of our near people. This is the western culture. We are having a fancy of going to the western culture and we don't bother about our own culture.
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    No, we don't require separate days to exhibit our love and affection to our near and dear relatives. Then what do we do on the other days? Furthermore, on the Daughter's Day, can't we show our love and affection to our sons, brothers or other relatives? On the Valentine's Day, can't we love our daughters or be respectful to our parents?

    I find celebrating these days are nothing but new fashion trends. I don't celebrate these days.

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    I agree with the author we don't need any special day to express our love to put partner or parents, friends, siblings etc. Our love doesn't change for them and will remain the same always. All these days have just been followed since years and people are carrying it forward.

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    Probably in western countries the husband and wife or the boy and girl friend wont meet often and they mind their own business and during this valentine day they meet and exchange their feelings. But in India we have one person , one wife culture and we are bound to have the family way. In that case we are habituated to see the same wife again and again and we do express love and affection in our own way on daily basis and that need not be on a particular day as being imposed now. Indians are more leaning towards to the western culture and the western people are fed up with their culture and learning our traditions.
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    I see nothing wrong with celebrating something as beautiful as celebrating love. And I mean love in its purest form, not lust.

    That being said, I think that everyone here is the biggest hypocrites. You adopt Western culture whenever it suits us. Everyone who has responded here abhorring the need to follow something foreign is using technology, which is a gift of the Western world. Why not shun it and rely on the 'dak' alone?

    You communicate in a Western language, you send your children to schools where the first language is English. You drive cars and two-wheelers, instead of going around on bullock carts or on camelback. You use modern appliances in your kitchens – all of which were invented in the West. You wear Western clothes – would you be complete without a pant and shirt or that suit you don for a photo op?

    Where does all this morality disappear in your everyday lives? Why do you so blatantly shun Indian culture? I could go on with the list of things that everyone does and forgets what our culture teaches us.

    First clean your act, before going on a tirade.

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    India is a land of many public holidays, half the time people are not even aware of the saints and the legends in whose memory the leave is declared, many just think it's an extra day off.

    How we take/ accept such days(valentines day) depends on our mindset and outlook. We do love our parents and family members but we often forget to express it. Such days are a gentle reminder for the person to express their love and for the recipient to feel happy. There is no harm is having such days as long as we don't use it as an excuse for an extra day off and or inappropriate behavior.

    So, let's use these days meaningfully like the other days cancer day, world environment day, international day of the girl child etc.

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    Why not a special day to express love to our beloved ones? I do not find anything wrong in celebrating Valentines Day or for that matter any other specific day to show our affection. Why we are celebrating 'Teacher's Day', 'Martyr's Day' etc.,? It is to show our respect and love towards them.
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    We many of us not visiting relatives houses, not attending marriage &other functions of relatives and friends but seeking excuses by teliing this and that. Even if we are attending we are not taking our spouse and children. If we properly doing this, it is highly regarded as showing our love, no separate day is expected.

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    Nope! We don't need any special day to show our love to our near and dear one. However, in this busy and fast life sometimes we skip such small-small thing which create love and bond with our family and friends. At least for such day we think special and try to create a time to spend with them. It is also true that some years back we do not have such special days but I feel no harm in it if it bring even little happiness within and between our friends and family.

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