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    Can man wage 'Peace' with the same intensity as he wages 'War'?

    Ancient and Modern history of mankind is littered with many examples of war but there are very few examples of man waging peace assertively and winning.

    Why is this gross imbalance? For example, across the border, Pakistan has been waging many attacks regularly with unflinching intensity/fanatism. The ongoing war/civil war between Israel and Palestine, there are many such examples.

    Why does man have a liking for destruction, death, disharmony? Imagine people involved in wars at various levels around the world, Imagine them waging peace with the same fervour and fanatism, then most of the issues of the world would fizzle out.
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    Time and again the instances of war has been happening around the world for many reasons. That the so called super powers want to impose their rule on the them and that country wont like the over board. Some countries want to annexe the small countries abetting them and thus invite the wrath of big super powers to attack them. Some countries want to destroy a developing country just because they are well of with natural resources, human development and above all good climatic conditions. All these reasons give a chance to war. But no one thinks of peace when the two minds are charged for a war. So a peaceful settlement between two countries are rare, and only after considerable damage has been happened the countries at war will think of truce so that they wont forgo their army and also bad name of defeat in war.
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    Peace can't be waged. It is only a state of mind. Great men can remain at peace with their violent surroundings even under terrible circumstances.
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    Contrary to the popular beliefs, the world is not being run by the political leaders or heads of nations. Instead, it is being controlled by the businessmen who control wealth.

    Ammunitions and arms are the ultimate consumable products and are manufactured and sold like any other FMCG product. This is one of the biggest industry across the globe.

    I believe that it is the arms and ammunition industry which keeps the hearth of wars burning.

    Efforts, if any, being made in the direction of maintaining peace, are a fallout of waging wars only.

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    And in this cunning world those who want to have peace are induced for the war thanks to the arrogant behaviour of North Korea leadership and if that is case, no country would remain peace and make arrangement to wage war.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    No human being as an individual wants to have a war. But as mentioned in #626392 there are people who wanted war or at least a threat fro war. This will make their business grow. If you see the expenditures on Defence by any country, major stuff will go there only. Imagine a situation that all the Asian countries are friendly among themselves, India can be reduced its defence expenditure to 25% of present expenditure. Who will be the losers? The people who want to sell arms and ammunition. So they will do something or other so that the sword will be there always on the country's head. We know the people in the power will be safe only if these businessmen are happy. So no leader will try with 100% concentration for bringing the peace in the world. The soldiers who are getting paid for taking care of the country will have peace in their lives if all the countries are going friendly without any disputes among themselves. Can we see such a world?
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    Sometimes a war needed and required to bring peace. A war only happen when evil mind become more stronger in human life. It also happen when someone wants to overpower others. Take an example of Mahabharata, the Pandavas wanted a peace and little land for themselves but even that was not provided to them. In such case one have to fight for their life and their rights.

    Since old civilizations, some powerful human nature was such to become more stronger and powerful. For that they used to capture other's land to create their own Empire. History is full of this kind of stories. The same nature is continued, every other nation wants to become more powerful and this bring the competition to have devastating and lethal weapons.

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