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    The first completely solar non-cricket stadium of India

    The stadium has facilities for football, athletics, volleyball, hockey, basketball, badminton, cricket, handball, table tennis, taekwondo and wrestling. The stadium is being managed by the Sports Department of Government of Madhya Pradesh.

    The Madhya Pradesh Sports Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia has announced that 375 KW electricity is being generated by the solar panels in the stadium. The stadium has been paying energy bills of Rs. 5 lakh per month so far. This is expected to go down to Rs. 2 lakh once the solar panel infrastructure is used for its energy needs.

    Tatiya Tope Multipurpose Stadium in Bhopal is going to become the first solar non-cricket stadium in the country. It is expected that other State Governments also adopt this cost-effective measure and cut down electricity consumption in sports stadia in the respective states.
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    Glad to know through this post that Tatiya Tope Multipurpose Stadium in Bhopal is going to be the first non cricket multipurpose stadium which can be used for different sports except cricket. MP government has to be appreciated here for two reasons. First by installing solar panel on the stadium, the sports and games can be played in flood lit evenings and the cost would zero, secondly the state has given prominence to other sports and keeping aside the cricket, which is a great support to other sports lovers and fans. Hope our Talangana government would take cue from this and move.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice to hear that we are using solar power at national stadiums. We are lagging behind in the harnessing of renewable engery sources like wind power and solar power and reuse of water for non-drinking purposes.

    Such examples will highlight the feasibility of using alternative energy sources. The problem would be the initial start up cost of installation and then maintenance, for this the Government has to make allocations for PSU and for individual home users. This would slowly help in changing our views about renewable energy.
    I'm not aware if Government provides subsidy as of now for home owners or entrepreneurs to use solar power or rain water harvesting.

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    It is a very good initiative by the Madhya Pradesh Governemnt is going to use Solar Power in its Nationa Stadium in Bhopal. It is to be appreciated. A saving of Rs.3,00,000/- per month is very good and the power available because of the less consumption at the stadium can be used for some other productive purpose. A good idea. I think taking this as an example the other state governments should also go for solar power for the stadiums in their States.
    It is wise to use alternative power generation methods to get out of the shortage of power problems. If we can stop burning coal for power generation the carbon foot print will also comedown and pollution problems will get reduced.
    Initial expenses for this may be high but the savings from the power bill will be good and the money spent will be paid back quiclkly. Another advantage is the government will pay the individuals if the supply power to the grid. That amount will be deducted from the individual's power bill.
    I like to add that we have solar water heaters for hot water in my house and we don't use power for getting hot waer for bathing.

    always confident

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