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    Is it true that even religious festivals are being commodified by the merchants?

    We celebrate many festivals throughout the year including the religious festivals like Maha Shivratri, Janmashtami, Ram Navmi, Navratri and so many others.

    All of us must have noticed that these days people are using social media like never before in exchanging greetings/gifts on the occasion of festivals, sometimes even without application of mind. I remember having read that few persons were sending 'Happy Muharram' message which is actually a festival of mourning.

    The common people spend money for celebrating festivals and the money goes to the merchants. That way only merchants gain something materially and all others lose.

    Because of such reasons, the merchants, including online portals, glorify all the occasions including religious festivals prompting the common man to spend more and more money to increase their profit.

    Is it true that even religious festivals are being commodified by the merchants?
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    Nice subject raised by the author. Yes till the recent past the lesser known festivals were celebrated at the home without much pamper but with full religious honour. But the so called on line marketing companies make hype about each festival and getting much benefited . Such was their creativity that they stopped to the level of marketing the Pidukalu, or the cow dung biscuits which is must to perform havan and required during the Batukamma festivals in Telangana. I was really surprised to see various sizes of cow dung biscuits being marketed and that was a success as not every one would get them in the city.
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    This has become a trend now, some people use our beliefs in religion and festivals as an opportunity to cash in and generate some revenue.
    On festival days, many spend huge amounts on grand poojas, offerings, and floral decorations but some people just offer a simple prayer and donate food the needy. So, yes, some festivals have become more commercial rather than a true exhibition of faith. It is up to us to have a limit on what we do on a particular festival as it be down to an individual choice finally. To be fair, the merchants market things but are not enforcing on us.

    I had raised a similar thread some time back. We can check so of the views expressed at that time.
    Commercialization of places of faith. Is it true?.

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    These days everybody is searching for a small reason to celebrate or enjoy. No money is required to send greetings and best wishes through online. So it has become the trend of the day. Even on the day of Maha Shivaratri, we receive greetings and best wishes. As Expressed by the author I also people the weakness of the public is encashed by the merchants. They start sending greetings before the festivals itself so that everybody will remember the same. This year I have heard an advertisement on FM radio to come and visit a place of worship the God for a particular festival.
    Another accept I noticed is small vendors increase the rates of the commodities required for that festival very high. In Hyderabad, on Shivaratri day the fruits and flowers were sold at a very exorbitant rate. When I questioned the vendor he says we get very few chances like this and we should utilise the occasion he replied.

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    In one way the involvement if merchants on such occasions are needed but when they exploits the same for making money is intolerable. In chennai the price of flowers will go up as anything during Fridays as many houses and offices doing Friday pooja, similarly onetime during makar shankranti the price of single turmeric plant cost Rs.150.As it was important on that day sentimentally many bought with murmurs.

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    Business entities will take advantage of any situation which is increasing their sales revenue. That is of paramount importance for them. Religion is a potential source for observing festivals and the shopkeepers hope during such occasion that the people will come for additional and special shopping on those auspicious days.

    Even the lower class celebrate the festivals in whatever humble ways they can.

    As per a rough estimate, if people stop observing festivals and social functions, the economy will sink and the big recessionary trend will set in. The whole business will be doomed and manufacturing activities will come to a grinding halt.

    No doubt, festivals and functions are a time of happiness for the business entities.

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