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    Is it good for these Institutes

    All the universities and educational Institutes want to have student unions. They may be conducting the elections for selecting their leader. Many of these associations will have the affiliation of some political party. So that is how the politics in educational institutes start. But fortunately in all top educational institutes like IISc and IIITs these unions are not there and there are no elections there. But now the students in all IITs are demanding union and election. I feel it is not a good development. Till now the quality of education is good in these institutes and the students studying there are getting selected internationally for very good jobs. But once the politics enter into the campus it may have a say on the quality of the education there and the discipline also may get deteriorated. So I feel this is not good for these institutes. I like to know the opinions of other learned members.
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    This thread was temporarily locked to check the feasibility of converting the same to an Active GD. But since we have had discussions on similar topics and also because a GD was already conducted whether the campus should be allowed to have politics, it has now been decided otherwise. Members are requested to kindly go ahead with the topic.

    Keeping the specific reference of the author to IITs and IISc, I am personally of the opinion that political parties should not be allowed to make a proxy entry into such campuses in any guise because the very purpose behind the creation of such institutes is likely to be affected by unwanted political interference and influence.

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    In fact politics should be banned in all colleges and educational institute. Why do we need politics at first place? The political ideology should be kept away from educations, it not only distract them from their real goal but also create differences between them.

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    Student elections at college and university level are very important for the society. It gives a good platform for those who are educated and simultaneously have leadership qualities and a passion to help people and the country.

    What India needs is good leaders who are young and can have a different view about traditional issues. If you look are present-day leaders, the good ones are old and have a few years of political life left.

    So, IISc, IITs are the good pool of talent and skill for the country to look forward to future leaders who can take India to a new level. The big 'if' here is if and when these youngsters become influenced by power and corruption which would be counter-productive. The college authorities should have a bigger say in keeping these college elections free from an influence of existing national or fringe parties.

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    It is really a nice thread on the best education site. In my opinion, politics should not be involved in the education system. We always talk about the quality of education decreases day by day but have you feel why it is happening? This was happening due to the involvement of politics in education. In ancient time the students took education by staying in the Ashrams of Guru and Guru decided what type of education has to be imparted a particular student. The first paid Guru was Dronacharya and from there the quality of education started decreasing. In the present age, the education system totally depends on the political leaders. In my opinion IIT and other institute must not be involve in any type of politics.
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