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    Is it not appearing funny?

    Another big scam in the banking sector in our country has come to light. Rs11,346 crores are missing. A rich man has taken the help of some bank officers and managed to send it to other countries without any balance in his accounts. Anyhow now CBI will come to picture and as usual, the routine will go.
    My father is 84 years old. He earns Rs.1000/- every month as his EPF pension. But We all our brothers (5Nos) will send him money every month. Yesterday he has received a notice from IT department saying that there are many transactions in his account but he has not paid the tax? When my father told me this I am not able to stop of the laugh. Anyhow he has given the reply and no problem there.
    This is an indication that how our government departments are working. Rich people can manage crores of rupees belonging to the taxpayers but pensioners getting Rs.12000/- per year has to submit IT returns. Is it not appearing funny?
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    More than funny, it is an embrassment to the IT department. Such letters or notices will be sent either when they are flagged up by the trigger activation or by the local offices. I'm sure they do know that a pensioner with meagre 12,000/p.a should not be troubled but they send it so that the rules are not broken. The same rules that are broken by few highly connected people.
    Just today read that in the PNB issue, SBI has an exposure of Rs 1300 crores in this and there are more banks to follow. It just shows how the system can be modified.

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    It is funny that the IT Department is sending lakhs of notices to the public who do not have taxable income. The rich and influential get away while many of the people without a taxable income are sent notices. A relative of mine got a notice from the IT Department. He is dependent on his children and the income he gets is less than one lakh per annum.
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    What I cannot understand that how the officers at the PNB got convinced about Nirav Modi and kept on giving him huge amount as loans. Had he ever paid the taken loan previously. Normally if one loan is in progress, other loan should not be given. But in this case he has been given with more than 11,000 crores. Who might have authorised. Branch manager surely does not have the right to sanctions that much loan nor they have the capacity. Probably the bank officials must have been insisted upon by the fraudster that he is close to ruling party and thus they succumbed to his tactics.
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    Yes, it really looks funny but what can we do? I couldn't understand how bank provides them with a loan without any security. I remember a quote which I read many years ago in Reader's Digest which stated: " Bank is an institution which provides you a loan when you prove that you do not need it."
    It is really true for the common man that we can not take a loan very easily from any local bank then how these businessmen take loan and fly away from India.

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    The post by the author is yet another example of a funny situation in our day to day life, created by letters from Government departments. I have seen many people astonished and baffled to get such letters from these departments and are at their wit's end as how to answer them.

    I have also received such letters and sometimes if they are very funny I don't answer them and I don't get any reminder also.

    These people are working in fact with no coherence and correlation in their work.

    When something happens as has happened in PNB case then the machinery becomes very active to nab the culprits. Many times, the investigation give results which are against the employees or senior officers and then they start justifying all those things in one way or another. In this process, the inquiry becomes more and more time-consuming. By that time some culprits disappear from the scene.

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