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    Life is like a cricket game

    Do you see the similarities between a game of cricket & life? Check out this unique analogy between cricket and life!

    A short dialogue in the movie M.S Dhoni (2016) which compared life to cricket inspired me to write this thread. It is true that life resembles cricket game in many aspects as below.

    In cricket, batsmen have to play each ball on its merit and have to adopt an approach which is the combination of defense and aggression. Loose balls have to be punished and good balls have to be respected otherwise they may get out. Bouncers are ducked, wide balls are left, Full tosses and short pitch balls are hit for fours and sixes. Similarly, in life, we need to make use of golden opportunities (loose balls) that come our way and at same time act calmly during challenging times. (good balls)

    When sometimes fours and sixes are not coming batsmen need to keep the scoreboard moving by taking singles and couples. Similarly in life when we do not see big achievements coming, we should not stop but slowly take small steps to move ahead.

    Bowlers appeal a lot in cricket but the umpire's decision is final. Nowadays it is the third umpire sitting upstairs, whose decision is final. Same way in life we shout for a lot of things and have a lot of desires but its the third empire sitting above (the almighty) who decides everything.

    The two batsmen on the pitch need to have proper understanding and coordination between them to minimize the chances of running out. A batsman who is playing needs to establish a proper understanding with all the partner batsmen who come to play with him. So in life, we have to coordinate with different persons like family members, friends, boss, relatives etc and if we coordinate well then our life will be smooth.

    After toss is held sometimes captains have to read the pitch and weather conditions to decide between batting and bowling. Batsmen while batting also has to judge the pitch before deciding on their approach. Similarly, in life, we need to read and analyze the situation and circumstances before deciding our approach and actions towards it.

    During the slog overs normally batsmen hits fours and sixes if the team has wickets in hand. Similarly in life sometimes we need to be more aggressive when deadlines are near and for this, we need to save our energy. (wickets)

    So let us try to play a good game of cricket.
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    A very good thread. An excellent comparison of life with cricket.
    If we play a ball improperly there are eleven people in the field to catch the ball which comes in their side. So we should see the ball correctly, assess the ball correctly and see the people around you and play accordingly. Similarly in our life also there may be many people waiting for an opportunity to see your mistake and encash the same. So we should always be aware of the people and we should not give them a chance to bring you down.
    The captain of the team should know how to utilise the available resources for the benefit of the team. When he uses them properly only the chances of victory will increase. similarly, we will also have many resources available to us but the victory lies on how we utilise our resources well and in time decides our success in the life.
    I thank the author for this thread.

    always confident

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    Wah! amazing write up. Normally I avoid reading lengthy forum thread but your this thread was like thrilling movie which kept me to see the end part. The author has nicely compared the life with cricket match.

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    Yes there seems to be similarities between the cricket game and the life. In cricket some times the first half is worst and the second half may be good. Like wise in life too for some a phase of life would be worst and the next phase would be brighter and encouraging. There is a twelfth man in cricket to get ready when ever a player is hurt or having some problems. But in real life we do not have such alternatives and we have to tackle our own problems. In cricket the records are made for the others to achieve, in life the records are created for our own satisfaction and that wont be appreciated by even near ones.
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    What a great composition of the author. Unbelievable writing and a nice comparison of cricket with life. I would like to add a couple of things. Now in cricket reviews are available for batsman which provide him satisfaction similarly in life if you pray, you will get satisfaction and energy. Suicide is like hit wicket in cricket.
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    A wonderful comparison of life and cricket. A simple analog of life is that of a nail and a hammer.There are times when we are the nail, it means take a beating, if the nail focusses on opposing the hammer, then the purpose of the nail is not fulfilled. When we are the hammer, we can a chance to hit and hit hard so that the nail is driven truly and deeply.

    Similarly, in life there are situations that are beyond our control and instead of trying to fight everything that is thrown at us, like a batsmen we need to know, which ones to let is pass by (out swinger), which one needs all our efforts to be dug out (yoker) or which one to hit with our full might ( no ball or a short pitched ball).

    Like many factors decide what the batsmen does, so too in life we need to assess the issues at hand and what would be the best response at that point of time, sometimes we have to be like the overnight batsmen, just tide over the last few balls, so that we live to fight the battle the next day.

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    A good write up linking a philosophical subject with a popular sport.

    I see a few more comparisons(in lighter vein) too.
    1. Cricket is many times called as a game of uncertainties. Life too.
    2.Many times googlies and bouncers occur.
    3. It used to be taken as serious and laborious. Modern days everything gets 'cut' short. One day matches, 20-20 etc. Life too is taken like that.
    4. By and by more cheer girls appear on the scene, but they do not stay with us, just dance and play for fun and promotion.

    May be if we think more and more such comparisons will come up.

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    Good One. Specially, Similarly in life when we do not see big achievements coming, we should not stop but slowly take small steps to move ahead." Really inspiring.

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    A very good analogy to analysis the life situations. Each term of the cricket game is beautifully analyzed by the author. Thank you for throwing the light towards looking a different angle at the cricket game.
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