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    How Aliens may Look Like

    Its been long since we are talking about Aliens. The different movie has shown their image in directors or artist imaginations. The variety of its looks can be seen in the internet world. Sometimes its very close to human body structure or sometimes it looks like an ugly creature.

    However, the question is how they actually looks if ever the existence of Alien is a fact. What if they are among us and we could not able to make any difference? What the image we have for them, they might just look opposite?

    How one can identify them if at all they come and go to our Earth.
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    An interesting question! So my answer would be interesting!

    Earth is a very small and insignificant celestial body in the universe. In this very small planet, there are more than lakhs of animal and plant species. So, in every other planet/star/satellite where living beings exist, there would be crores of species.

    It may also be possible that living organisms from different celestial bodies arrive on this earth at the same time. Naturally, organisms from different planets/stars would have different shape and size.

    So, it would not be possible to comment upon the aliens. Crores of alines would have crores of shape and size. We can't generalise 'aliens'.

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    The large size of universe and very large number of galaxies in it which in turn each having millions of stars and solar systems having their own suns and each of the sun having its own planets some of which may have earth like situation, all this leads to believe that there is a possibility, albeit very small, of aliens existing.

    The possibility is also very small considering the age of the universe as well as different life forms and their stamps generated in the universe at different times. The distances from one system to another are prohibitively large even for the travel of light rays which are taking thousands of years time to connect these. The intensity of light is attenuated so much that no interpretable data is obtained.

    Leaving the astronomy aside, there is no problem in supposing that aliens exist. So even if they exist they will be in sharp contrast to us because of the atmosphere and climate of their place of origin wherever it might be. Their life form will be surprisingly different from us and whether they will be developed to such intellect level as humans on earth are privileged, is also a matter of doubt.

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    Since no body has seen the real aliens, there can be wild imaginations from every ones view point. A artist can view a alien with two horns in his head. For a space scientist, a alien may wore a space jacket with antenna over it. For the ordinary citizen like you and me probably a alien would have weird looks with closely shaven heads, large ears, big eyebrows and large tongue often taken out to terrorise us. One thing is sure that aliens have existed but not in this world but in outer world. How they lived their live without food and water is the big question mark which the history can only tell.
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    Aliens is a very vast subject. Many scientists are trying to find the existence of these aliens. There are many other planets in the universe. We the people on the earth may not be knowing completely about all other planets. We might not have known some of the planets where the existence of human beings may be there. There is a theory regarding the existence of seven earths similar to our planet in the universe. There may the population there also we don't understand the fact probably. In the earth if we compare the people from content to content. In the same way there may significant difference between the human beings from this planet to other planet in which the existence of human beings is there. Similarly in our planet we see different animals and living things which are different. We may not be able to recognise all the living species on the earth itself. Then I think Iti's very difficult to recognise the appeRencesof aliens. They maybe moving here also. Wecan'tpredict.
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    Our earth has a huge biodiversity.
    Billions of insect species. 4000 mammals.
    70000 birds. One lakh fish species.
    7000 or so molluscs. Upto 15000 reptiles.

    And we had like 4 billion years to multiply and diversify in this way. Other planets might be older than earth, meaning, more diversity of life.
    Herbivores in earth have eyes on sides, to alert them while grazing when a predator approaches. Carnivores have eyes on the front to guide them to prey precisely.
    So 'eye rule' will be same.
    Sense organs to smell and hear can be different in aliens. On earth too, snakes "hear" and "smell" differently.
    Skin could be according to their native planet's atmosphere.
    Color of their bodies, would depend on what spectrum their eyes can view.
    Number of limbs would differ from specie to specie.
    Their mouths would depend on the type of prey. On earth we have all sorts of mouths.

    So after overall assessment, I can confidently say, they don't need to look like humans to be intelligent. But a species with free hands can do and invent more.
    So it is assumed that an intelligent alien lifeform would walk on two legs and have free hands.

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    There are numerous movies about aliens whose looks range from ugly humaniod ( Independence Day) to the shape changing ones who live and travel among humnas beings (Men in Black). Area 51, in USA is the seat of all conspriacy theories and one among them is the presence of UFOs and Aliens.

    If they are well disguised and adept with human interactions and socialization, it would be difficult to point them out. Perhaps they would look and behave 'out of place' within group of humans. If they do come, I hope the aliens are like the ones we saw in Spielberg's 'ET.'

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