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    How would you deliver the hardest news

    Every people get into a situation in their life where they need to deliver the hardest news. A news of someone's accident, a news of someone near and dear one's death, a news of throwing out from the job. Its a very difficult and challenging to deliver it.

    I remember, when I had to deliver my father's death to all my sister through phone. My mind was not able to think how to start but I had to say that. So, I controlled myself and started talking about his health. Talking about the negative part more so that she mentally get ready to accept any negative news. After talking to few minutes I ended with the hardest news of his death. I don't know if this was my correct way to deliver it or not but this how I found the best way at that point of time. Instead of telling it directly, I had to prepared her for that.

    This was the hardest news I had to deliver.
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    I just cannot understand as to why we think that people are not habituated to hardest news in their lives. Everyone has the family and there could be shocking news, upset news, sad news and accident news. We have to convey in such manner the other persons gets hurt slowly. For the elders in far, when you want to pass the message of death it is really a great task. But there are people who would crack jokes with elders first and then break the news of death. But sensible people would gauge when we make call all of a sudden and at odd hours , they would surely known that something has happened and get ready to hear the same.
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    How the other person receive the hard news depend on his mentality. Another aspect is the health condition of the receiver. All of a sudden if you tell bad news to a heart patient he may also collapse. So we should be careful in informing the issue . We have to start the topic very softly without showing any anxiety. We should be very careful and as a casual issue we have to inform by decreasing the intensity.
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    Breaking Bad News is a difficult topic that even many doctors find it difficult. There are many classes or sessions to help them to deliver the most difficult news to someone. I'm sorry he/she is no more, saying these are emotional words are something that no one really wants to find themselves in such a situation.

    Often the eldest in the family is delegated this task, I have seen this when our grandfather passed away. Dad had to put a brave face and do the arrangements, receving people who come to offer condlensces, participate in the rituals and then carryon with work after a couple of days. I don't think people in this position have time to grevie due to the additional responsibility.

    Those familiar with world war II would remember the Sullivan brothers of USA, tragically all 'five' brothers served on the same ship and died in the war around the same time. The parents received a letter from the American president and the Pope at that time.

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    So is the life has planned for each of us but simultaneously we also have spiritual aspect so that we take a rest & then move on. We are so busy in our life that we tend to forget anything that doesn't matter to us anymore & doesn't matter how close we were. Although few things will come across as a memories to our mind but we also have the tendency to look ahead in our life. We are not alone facing these but this is nature's cycle & way of doing things. Till we are left with our karma we will continue to live then one day will die keeping others who will replace us & adding that some day they will also be replaced by some other. We are no different. Only in the case that we are spiritually motivated than we have more strength of facing those difficult situations.

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