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    Can we stop this Babugiri?

    We've heard of the lower cadre of government employees 'serving their Babus (bosses)', sometimes it goes beyond limits and become demeaning. Peons or Group-D employees carrying slippers, tying shoe laces or even cleaning the shoes. One can see images of CMs, Central Ministers, Party chiefs, wherein their aides, security officers or peons all carrying out these acts.

    All this would have been acceptable in the past wherein the hierarchy was stringent and aides were often used for such menial tasks. But it creates a bad image about the authority in question because, such acts are not dignifying. If one is unwell or very old, then by all means the politicians can be helped but not when then can very well do the job themselves.

    The other aspect is verbal and physical abuse (slapping, kicking, threatening) of security, junior officials or even common people in public places during meetings etc should also be condemned. Such acts are carried out often as a show of power, arrogance by the official but it demeans the junior employee or the other person.

    In today's world such acts should not longer be carried out by the officials, they should be educated about the indignity of such tasks, encouraged to have and show respect for the fellow employee and the negative impact(on the official and the party) as these pictures or videos find their way in social media very soon.

    (You can google for the images and videos for the above examples)
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    Those who are in power they assert their rights and they wont see whether he is an officer, police or official. He takes works from them unmindful of their position. Once I had been to a office of a foundation which has good presence across the country, they have few staff and there is no class 4 employee. So when ever the guests and others come to the office for meeting, it is the PA has to arrange for every thing personally and I felt very sorry for the girl who was serving water, serving tea, snacks to every one like a class 4 employee and she was introduced to us as the PA of the chairman.
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    All babus are not like that. Some of them are the real culprits who feel that by virtue of their level they can blackmail their juniors.

    The juniors also are fearful of these bosses because they have power to harm and ways to create troubles for them. They also want to have good relations with bosses at whatever cost.

    It is really a pathetic situation that in spite of so much development in our country there are still such babus who are behaving like the English babus of British India.

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    Having myself worked in an organization for 36 long years, I find myself in a position to offer few comments regarding the subject matter.

    Generally, the subordinate staff loves a corrupt boss because during the regime of a corrupt boss only, they get an opportunity to practice corruption. Such employees are generally ready to face all kinds of humiliations in lieu of being allowed to continue in the same environment where it is possible to indulge in corrupt practices.
    Thus corruption is also one of reasons for tolerance of such behavior of the powerful bosses.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is the caste system in India which encourages Babugiri. We Indians are divided into classes based on castes. I do not thing any upper or middle class servant will oblige the bosses to do such things without any self respect. Only the poor and lower caste or class people would go behind their bosses to make themselves rich as mentioned by Mr. KK.
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    I think these practices are diminishing these days in government departments also. I have not seen any officer tying knots of the shoe. Of course, during my childhood days, I have seen some attendants carrying the boxes of senior officers. But not these days. There are many corrupt bosses and their subordinates who are also interested in making money may accept their harassment. I agree with the comments of Mr Kailsh Kumar. Again I don't feel any caste system will play a role in this. It is only the rank in the hierarchy onlly will make these differences but not the caste system in these acts.
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