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    Why Tarzan doesn't have beard?

    Roll your mind and think. The last comic book of Trazan you read, the last time you saw the image of Tarzan on magazine or any books, the last time you saw the Tarzan movie. I am 100% sure you had not seen Tarzan with beard.

    Now the question is why is it so? When he lived in jungle, lived with animals and no one had to care him. How come he looks always clean shaved?

    I am trying to find out the reason, would you help me out?
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    Multiple reasons.
    1. Tarzan is in Africa. Native Africans rarely have beards. Tarzan's biological father, a British Lord, and 58% British don't have beards. So Tarzan might have inherited it.
    2. Tarzan has an oval face. His face wouldn't look good sporting a beard.
    3.He wouldn't create the image of the innocent wild guy we were expecting .

    These are the reasons I can picture.

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    Probably they will also shave daily. That is why we never see a Tarzan with a beard. Many animals don't have beard. Tarzan may be having similarity with animals in this aspect. But I have never seen so far a tarzan. So I am not able to imagine anything more than this.
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    I've read quite a few comics of Trazan but never seen one with a beard. Some issues would have Trazan in civil clothes ( Lord Greystoke or something), even then he would be clean shaven.
    Maybe some translations into other languages featured him with a beard. I think, it's just the image given by the initial creators that has persisted over the years.
    Many superheroes (Phantom,Mandrake,Superman, Spiderman,) are all created with clean chiseled faces., maybe just the appeal those days.

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    HA HA HA.

    Well because Tarzan is a fictional or a man made character, a lost child raised in the jungle by the great apes. When he grows up, the time needs romance with a girl which should be beautiful. Having said that the hero must be smart & so no or little beard with no moustache.

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