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    Where can I find authentic gujiyas online?

    Holi is coming, I am looking to search hand made gujiyas, can anyone suggest anything?
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    Gujiyas are the most sought after sweet during Holi Festival days. If you stay in northern states, Delhi or uttar Pradesh, it will be available at most sweet shops. But to get it on line ,you may have to make a search. Nowadays many sweet shops make it available in all major cities. Some might sell them online. There are some people who take orders from homes too and you can contact them. They will be more fresh and authentic.

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    Just type the key words 'gujia online order' in google search engine to find a list of portals where gujia can be ordered online.
    However, in my opinion it is better to shop it offline from reputed sweet shops in case one is based in the northern parts of India or in other metropolitan cities.

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    Gujiya is an item which is available in most of the shops in Northern part of India and select shops in Southern areas. It's availability is more during Holi festival.

    You can try online also by searching the suppliers. I have seen some online ads by Amazon, Haldiram, Shopclues etc also in this regard. These are the reputed sellers. You can visit their sites and find out if the deals suit to you.

    In many places of India there are people working in sweet shops who in their part time prepare cheaper sweets for customers if you place order to them directly, especially in festival times. There are even some workers who on giving the raw material prepare these delicacies and take payment for their labour charges only. So there are many options and you can consider one that appropriately fits yours choice.

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    You can easily google-search. But I must state that freshly prepared 'guziyas' taste heavenly. The online marketed 'guziyas' can never replace them.
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    Is it wise to go for online sweets purchase? Whether they will be fresh or not. I have a doubt. In Hyderabad, it is not famous. Maybe in the north. Places of Origin is a site which will have to tie up with all the special sweet makers from all over the country. If you order on that site they will get you those sweets. You can try it out.
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    Since I am from the south, I do now know what it Gujia. What is Gujiya? How does it look? Its shape, size, type and taste. Members can post an image of Gujia and give its details for the south Indians to update themselves with Gujia.
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    Gujia is a sweet dumpling made with maida flour (finely ground wheat flour) and stuffed with a mixture of grated dry fruits, khoya, coconuts and to add a grainy texture, a little suji (coarse ground wheat flour or semolina).

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    many of the popular sweet makers offer delivery for an additional cost. Depending on the locality you can choose from and contact them. If not you can try Halidrams, tastebells, etc. The pictures do look mouthwatering.

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