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    Shameful incident: Pregnant woman assaulted by Kerala politician-looses child

    Another shameful incident from Kerala! Eight men came to a woman's house to attack her husband because of a land dispute. The woman tried to intervene, but she was kicked by a local CPI (M) leader. The woman was four and a half months pregnant. She had to undergo a forced abortion because of the assault by the leader.

    The family of the woman further alleged that initially the Kodencheri (in Kozhikode district) police did not take any action. Later the police arrested seven people.

    I shudder to think what the Communists are doing to the beautiful state. They are trying to change the heaven to a hell.
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    It's really shameful to know that such things are happening. It is another example which shows that people are becoming insensitive, intolerant and losing humanity. I don't understand why people are becoming so rude and having such behaviour. They don't even have any guilt for being that way.

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    During my childhood days, I used to see and watch the well behaved mannerism in Communists and they always supported the labour and down trodden. And they are against the rich and capitalists. But over the years their ideology and principle have changed drastically and we find their strange behaviour elsewhere. This post authenticates and testifies that those who are so called leaders and those who are close to powers would take the law into their hands and behave in highhanded way. Now the pregnant lady has lost her child due to abortion and who is responsible for this drastic act. Will the Communist party claim responsibility , or the government. By just announcing compensation or exgratia, the government cannot escape from the act. It must take strong action against those who have done this.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: Communism is one of the most regressive ideologies of the world. Communism has produced most terrible dictators of the world in the guise of ideology. Take the instances of Stalin and Mao. Stalin killed many more people than Hitler, but many people still worship him. Mao is the deadliest butcher after the World Wars, but a section of people blindly follow his every word.

    In the Indian context, West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura are considered three bastions of Communism. West Bengal has been completely finished by thirty-four years of uninterrupted Left rule. The present Trinamool Government is now doing business with the corps of the state. Kerala is also going the same way under the terrible Communists and short-sighted and selfish Congressmen.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is a very shameful act by the leader of the CPM. He should not be allowed to be outside. He should be put immediately behind the bars. How the police spared him. They arrested only 7 means, this leader is still outside only I suppose. The Law enforcement agency is behaving as an agency of the party in ruling there. It is not a correct practice. Everyone should condemn this. Whatever may the affiliation the culprit is having, he should be punished. Other factors should not be considered. No one is above the law.
    always confident

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    have any women's group taken it up to file a complaint? Often, in villages or town, such incidents happen and go unnoticed because politicians wield more power and authority in such relatively small areas. The poor cannot defend or stand up to such atrocities as the local law and order machinery would be in the hands of the politicians. Only when the issues get on to the social media or the opposition gets involved, then the police are forced to take action.
    A few days back in Banglore (with elections close by), the son of an MLA kicked a man at a pub/hotel and the police were delaying taking action. By next day morning, the opposition parties were up in arms crying for justice for the 'poor victim'. I've never seen such swift opposition in regular times

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