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    Which types of jewellery would you like to wear?

    Which types of jewellery would you like to wear? This question looks stupid in the beginning but the trend of today is simply that people buy gold to invest and keeps the gold in the bank locker. People wear artificial diamonds or imitated jewellery. These artificial jewellery are cheap than gold jewellery and are risk-free. My wife is also purchase imitated jewellery online and like to wear. Members are requested to share their opinion in this thread.
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    The taste of the ladies varies in respect of jewelry. Some wear ornaments with intricate designs, some wear simple but heavy jewelry, some ladies wear simple jewelry with precious stones. Nowadays imitation jewelry with intricate designs and semi-precious stones has become very popular.

    As a poorly-paid salaried man, I can't imagine wearing jewelry. I don't wear even the wedding ring.

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    I don't like to wear too much of jewellery in the first place. Earlier, I would wear artificial metal jewellery matching my outfit. But now I have lost interest in wearing matching and like to keep it simple. Or I just wear a small chain and some small earring. Other than that there is nothing else that I wear. During family functions I wear gold otherwise I wear any normal artificial jewellery.

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    Consider the following facts related to gold jewellery -
    1. You have to take security risk and pay the locker charges for possessing gold jewellery whereas by investing the same amount in a fixed deposit you can increase your money.
    2. The resale value of gold jewellery is very less except in cases when it is sold by the next generation i.e. after a very long period. You may hardly get 50% of your amount invested whether you purchase from corporate companies or the popular local jweller. The corporate one chagre very high percentages of the gold cost as making charges and taxes charged by the company are not refundable. The local jweller cheats in any case and often sells 15 to 17 carat gold as 22 carat gold.

    It is best to not wear any jewellery at all. The next best is to wear imitation jewellery.

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    Considering the security risk, theft and chain snatching of high order in every city and town, it is better not to wear any costly jewel and showcase in Public. During marriage the parents would facilitate gold jewels for the daughter which stands as the guarantee for money during the crisis of funds. Not to wear and show to others as to how much gold you have. Personally I do not like to wear gold ring, gold chain etc though I have it. Even my children and wife are not fond of gold. Now a days one gram imitation gold are available in plenty with good design and fashion. Ladies are preferring these imitation jewels which are risk free. But the people of Tamil Nadu and Andhra are very fond of gold and I have seen even the men wearing gold rings on every fingers,bracelet and a strong gold chain around the neck.
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    These days the jewellery is not for wearing. They are only for keeping in the bank lockers. There is no security for the ladies who wear costly ornaments and travel. Especially when the people are travelling in public transport the chances are very high that somebody may snatch away the ornaments. So to be safe it is better to go for ornaments with low-value gold or silver ornaments coated with gold is better. Even someone snatches away also there is no loss. Comin to shapes and sizes of ornaments different ladies will have different tastes. I always advise my wife to purchase gold ornament without any pearls or duplicate stones. These stones will contribute more to the weight and we have to pay the god cost for these stones also. However, they feel that they will not look pretty without these stones. We may have to go in between and see that we will not lose much.
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    As gold is a costly item people keep it in safe places. Earlier ladies were wearing gold jewellery but now due to security reasons they avoid it and wear artificial one.

    This is the reason why artificial jewellery business is flourishing day by day. Given a choice, everybody will like to wear pure gold items as they have the real shining and do not affect the skin for rashes or other ailments of the skin.

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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Gold and jewelry (real or artificial) adds beauty to the body it adores. Children, men and women have an enhanced image perception if they wear the right jewelry. It is not the volume or the weight that matter, it is the simplicity and how it suits the person wearing it.

    There are so many necks that looks adorable with jut a thin chain and a small pendant. Similarly there are so many with jewels that actually increase the body weight but still the person looks odd, ugly or out of place. So, I think whatever one wears, it should lend elegance and enhance the person's image.

    I don't wear any jewels, if at all anyone wears it should be simple because jewelry attracts the attention of evil eyes and criminals who would not mind harming an adult, tearing the ear lobe of grandmothers for their heavy earrings or kidnapping children for the jewels they wear.

    Sadly these thieves do not have to the time to check whether the jewels are original or imitation ornament. So, if some one thinks wearing artificial jewels is risk-free, they are sadly mistaken.

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