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    Can 'I wish I had that' become 'I'm glad I have this'?

    As humans, it's obvious that we have many unfulfilled wishes and dreams.

    I wish I had a Benz car, a fat bank balance, a cushy job abroad, no EMIs, a first rank or I wish I had a beautiful/handsome spouse.

    Yes, we need to have aspirations, wish to have more but unfortunately for some this becomes an obsession. Instead of helping them, it pushes them towards depression and constant worry.

    At such times, imagine if we just change our mindset and thought process.

    I'm glad I have a small car, some bank balance, a job in hand, a manageable EMIs, a first class or a caring spouse. Suddenly, we find that we can breathe easy, be happy and move on with life.

    All we have to do is change 'I wish I had that' to 'I'm glad I have this' because, it's important to treasure and love what's in hand rather than yearn for what's not with us.
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    Frankly speaking, I am a very practical man. I don't waste my time on such kind of wish. I know my limitation and work accordingly. Yes, I put difficult goal for me which may or may not complete on my time duration. Yes, I do have my emotions of feeling sad or happy but this is how everyone's life is.

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    First of all we should not expect or wish more. What is required and what we want, if that is available , it must satisfy us and the life should be contended. And those who wont wish more, the God also like their attitude and given bountiful. By wishing more we are displaying the selfish motive just to please others that we have this much and that much. But in reality we does not want such extravagant. And I have seen many people going for such items on loan just to please others that they too own in equivalent to them either a product or service. I live a moderate life and never ran after money.
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    As far as I am concerned I always decide on short-term goals and I will try my best to be successful in that. Once I am successful in that I will have my next goal. My aspirations are always practicable. I always look at the person who is similar to me or a little less and I always say that I am doing well. I am from a middle-class family and always my wishes will be affordable to a middle-class man. I am always happy that I have my own house to stay. I am always happy that my children are settled in their life. I am happy that I got a spouse who will understand the other person very nicely and help me in my journey to reach my goal successfully. I am happy I am able to pay my EMIs without any problem. I never thought about any item which is above my standard of living. I have a car to travel. So have a contentment in my life. So I don't have experience that what I wished is different from what I got. So I am a very well satisfied man in the life.
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    This post reminds of a post which I read long back. It read like this-

    I was crying for shoes when I saw a lame man walking by, seeing that I thanked GOD for my legs. I guess it's alright to wish for something but it's wrong if you are not thankful for what you have.

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