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    Give me five best reasons for your continued presence in India Study Channel.

    Over the years this site has been growing leap and bounds and there are still the old members who joined in the beginning and contribute regularly and thus keeping this site alive and happening. For me the five best reasons to have my presence here are :

    This site gives the chance to learn and relearn many things
    This site gave me a international platform to show case my writing ability
    This site gave me additional earning prospects through content writing for other sites
    This site gave me solace , when ever I was down and sad
    And this site gave me enough recognition and pride to cherish.

    What about you ?
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    This is a really good post. People who are contributing here can tell their views about the site. Already the author has mentioned the reasons which are mostly felt by all the members. I am not a very senior member of this site. Just I started a year back. But I feel very happy to work on this site. The managers of the site are open and they encourage new members and see that they will get motivated. They see that new members will sustain.
    My five points I will try to give below.
    1. We will get educated in different accepts.
    2. Our knowledge will increase as we required to do a lot of research to give responses to Ask Expert questions.
    3.We can teach. What I mean is many people may get educated by seeing our posts here.
    4. Our writing skills will get enhanced.
    5. We will know about various courses and colleges in India.
    I feel these are the five reasons that make me spend time on this platform.

    always confident

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    There must be something interesting and attractive in a site so that people can remain attached to it. It is true for ISC also.

    Why I am so gar attached to it is:
    - Learning from each other.
    - Vibrant group discussions.
    - So many sections to work.
    - Interesting articles on everything.
    - Earning potential.
    - Sharpening one's writing skills.
    - Fast responses by members.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I'm still in my first year at ISC. It is truly an educative site wherein we discuss a range of issues.
    I think this is one of the few sites wherein like-minded people interact expressing their own thoughts and views about a particular subject. Hence me liking ISC.
    It also gives me a chance to update my knowledge on a topic or event.
    I like ask the expert section which gives me a chance to be useful to specific questions and areas
    I like ISC because it gives me a unique opportunity for me to spend my spare time meaningfully.
    I love the chance to explore my creative writing with some monetary returns.
    There are new entrants constantly who bring up new topics especially in the forum that brings a fresh lease of life to the forum when regular players become saturated with their ideas.

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    My five best reasons to continue here at India Study Channels are:
    1. It provides me with a platform to share my knowledge and to learn new things.
    2. I will always in contact with the best scholars who have knowledge of the different subjects. They provide AE answers and I get satisfactory answers to my query.
    3. ISc has provided me with a platform to get Google Adsense approval.
    4. I get money for sharing knowledge.
    5. I have my identity to the digital world due to ISc.
    I want to thank ISC for the above-mentioned points. It is my pleasure that I am a member of the best eductions site.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    That is a very tough question for me. I came across this website accidentally while surfing. I started writing without any aim. Earning was never in my mind. Till now, I haven't understood that Adsense thing, nor have I received a penny from Adsense. Then why am I present on this site? Maybe because of the following:-

    (a) It satisfies my creative urge. I do different types of experimentation with my creative writing.
    (b) I get different types of information from Articles, Forum and Ask Expert sections.
    (c) I get a peculiar satisfaction by posting Information Updates, especially updates on little-known districts and towns of India.
    (d) A different type of satisfaction after writing useful Articles and answering Questions. This satisfaction is different from the satisfaction after posting updates. So I am mentioning it separately.
    (e) The last one is bit controversial. Sometime a childish (not child-like) urge to tease some Members overcomes me. Then I tease some other Members. But it is only a prank, not very serious. I use Forum section for this purpose.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This thread is interesting to me, because I used think always why I am continuing in this channel. A clear cut answer was not coming in my mind. But I think this is just the one I wanted. After my retirement I took up different careers, most of them gave me enough extra time. And in the office I was working I happened to be in charge. That gave me the advantage of having a desktop system with net connection on my table. When my office work was over I still sat there till others also finished their job. This spare time I used for searching different information useful for my work or otherwise. This led me to ISC. That solved two needs, questioning and answering together with that getting different answers and views.
    This site is a unique one where all topics are appearing. Different view points are presented on each.
    1. I continue in this site mainly because I get news about different social issues from different parts of the country.
    2. I can post latest news about my State which I felt would be interested to others.
    3. General information about people, countries and others can be immediately shared with others.
    4. Articles concerned with any topic can be shared with others.
    5. As a reference site this has helped me very often.
    In addition to all the above this is a site which has no parallels.

    Gold Member ISC

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    When I joined this site, I was so happy to have such platform where I can write my thoughts and experience and share with other people. I have gain so much with this wonderful site and there is no doubt about it. However, Now I have only one serious reason to be here that my passion for writing getting fulfil here. Apart from that others all reason I have lost with the time I spent here.

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