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    "Politicians have to reveal the sources of income while contesting elections."

    The Supreme Court of India ordered the politicians to reveal the sources of income while contesting the elections. The present practice is to file an affidavit on the assets while filing nominations at the time of elections. There is no need to inform the sources of income. Hereafter, as per the Supreme Court of India orders, the candidates have to provide information about their assets as well as the sources of income. This order is given while giving a judgment on a Public Interest Litigation filed in the Apex Court by a Non Government Organisation. The Court also asked the Government to constitute special fast-track criminal courts to try the Members of Parliament and State Assemblies in corruption cases. This judgment is a historical one in the proper direction to curb corruption by our elected representatives.
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    It is good that the supreme court has given a directive for the politicians to declare the source of their income. But how many of them are doing that sincerely. I have my own doubts on that. If you see the declarations they make we never feel that they are very true. But now they will try to hide further as they have to show the source of income also. However, the court is trying to do its best. Who have to wait and watch for the result.
    If you see the PNB scam I feel more than the politician the people in powerful places can also do many things to gather their wealth. So I feel this rule of declaring their assets before joining and during every promotion and at the time of retirement also. Then only there may be a change in these people. Otherwise, the politicians and governments officers are making merry with the money of the public.

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    Good that the courts are taking interest to curb the highhandedness of the politicians once elected and their earning spree gallops leaps and bounds. While entering poll fray what they declare is the pittance. Most of the politicians have cleverly mentioned their liabilities and very small mention of assets and never mention the source of their regular income. Thus with the new SC order, the future elections would be very strict as all those old rotten politicians who were habituated to corrupt practices cannot enter the fray citing all mentions before contesting. Let us see the reactions of politicians on this.
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    It is really a very good decision by The Supreme court and every political party should welcome it. It will certainly minimize the corruption in India. It is also important to have some minimum educational qualification for the candidate the fill up the nomination form. If we will elect an educated member then they will understand our problems more easily and can solve these problems.
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    It is a good directive by the Supreme court and will help in identifying the candidates using false financial information.

    The basic problem is that some people with the help of CA and other finance professionals give a fabricated picture of their assets which is difficult for even the Govt agencies to dig out.

    It is a matter of great surprise that people owning barren lands claim that they are earning a lot from agriculture products. It means Govt should impose tax on agriculture income also if it is more than a particular limit which the normal farmers earn.

    Even after this welcome directive of the court the clever people will show their illegal income in the shade of other sources like agriculture.

    These people are the real hoarders of black money. The case of late Jaylalita is well known and she was able to show her assets worth 500 crores which were accepted by the court.

    It is also very strange that when a person gets a high post in Govt either as a beaurocrat or a politician his ancestral and agricultural wealth increases tremendously.

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    Are we opening a new can of worms?
    If the SC ruling is enforced in true spirit with stringent action against people who default or people who have unexplained sources, politics in India would lose its appeal. Today, there are many people in power who have more funds and assets than a rich company or a business house.

    How can politicians who declare hundreds of crores of assets have got it via legal means? There would many courts set up separately to handle the volume of disputes that arise from such disclosures. If we start to act in principle against such people there would be few good honest politicians left out in the country.

    I think, along with such rulings, the SC also should insist every party to submit statements of earnings and assets for each of its members especially those who are given tickets, it should hold the party top brass accountable if there is any discrepancy.

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    The time is changing & is the way the politics are also changing. Sad thing is that it's not the interest of the politicians but instead the guidelines as briefed by the Supreme Court. But anyhow, the same needs to get implemented & not to get negotiated on any ground. Adding, not just candidates, but their spouses and dependents too have to reveal source of income and assets, as observed the apex court. That means Politicians, their spouses and dependents would now have to declare their sources of income, along with their assets, for contesting elections in the directives of the Supreme Court. One more good thing is that, disproportionate hike in the assets of elected representatives, their spouses and dependents should be placed before the "appropriate legislature" to consider the eligibility of such lawmakers to continue as a members of Parliament and assemblies.

    Well, that's an appreciable initiative on behalf of the SC judgement but the same needs to get taken care of by the central government as the central government has to ensure its implementation.

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