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    What is happening in JNU?

    Earlier I raised a thread on the agitation by a section of students of JNU against strict enforcement of minimum attendance rule. I thought that the problem was over. But no, I was wrong. Yesterday JNU students "gheraoed" the administration block demanding a meeting with the Vice-chancellor on the issue of compulsory attendance, and stopped Chief Proctor Mr. Kaushal Kumar and Rector-1 Mr. Chintamani Mahapatra from leaving the building. Agitating students led by the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU), picketed outside all the gates of the building and confronted and stopped senior university officials who tried to go out. Vice-chancellor Mr. M Jagadesh Kumar was in his office. The students demanded that the administration revoke the compulsory 75% attendance required in an academic year for availing scholarships and fellowships, and convene a meeting of the Academic Council which had been earlier postponed.

    It must be noted that the students of Science streams of the university are not taking part in this agitation. More astonishingly, some so-called intellectual teachers of various social science departments are supporting the agitation of the (middle-aged) students.

    These students want the continuation of fellowship without attending the minimum number of classes. That means they want to remain busy in bringing 'revolution' in JNU in particular and in the society at large while enjoying the Government grant without attending classes. And the 'revolutionary' teachers are supporting them.

    What is happening in JNU?
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    Many students in social sciences will go on joining in one course after another course but never completely even a single course. Their spouses will be in ladies hostels and these people will be in gents hostel. I don't where their children will be. They never attend a class nor attend an exam also. But they enjoy all,the facilities of a student. But this practice is not possible in science stream and the students will definitely attend the classes as they have to do practicals and project work also. This has become the practice in almost all universities. So the social science students of these class will never want any such rules and regulations. Unfortunately some learned professors and political parties always support them. I don't understand the idea of these intellectuals in supporting such students. Of course political parties may do vote politics. Unless otherwise the UGC enforce certain strict rules like only admission to second course after passing the first course, no one can do anything in these matters. I strongly feel that the government should act tough and can take drastic actions to bring in some senses to the students.
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    The agitating students of JNU must know that they are bound by the rules of the University as at the time of admission they have signed the bond with the parents that they will conduct themselves nice and wont be a problem to the smooth run of the University. Time and again the students would go on strike for no reasons and miss the classes and therefore the attendance also looses. It is important for every Engineering student to maintain 75 percent of attendance , otherwise they are not allowed to write exams. Actually the principal has every right to rusticate all the agitating students and they cannot change in court of law..
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    What is happening in JNU can't be understood by outsiders especially when they are hell bent on holding a pro-government mindset on all matters.
    For those who don't see any wrong in making 75% attendance compulsory for all students, do note this that despite the absence of such rule before, JNU students outshine students of many major Indian universities. To those who are reading this, do you really think that a University where students fail semester after semester will continue to hold the tag of a prestigious institution?
    Free and Independent research is a hallmark of students of BA/MA or M.Phil/PhD. Middle age students are in all universities which offer P.HD courses. Go to any university, senior professors there who would be married and have children are still doing P.HD courses from there. This myth of students failing and holding back in JNU has been spread purposely to promote the interest of a particular group.
    And if you are doubting the reputation of JNU then you should know that reports of HRD ministry rank JNU show that students from these university are top performers across country.

    Since Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar has become Vice Chancellor he has been at logger heads with the University community. He has penalized students for raising slogans, deprived backward classes from seats by removing the "deprivation points", closed down the institution of Gender Sensitisation Committee Against Sexual Harassment (GSCASH) and undermined the reservation policy.

    In nutshell, he has tried to change the identity of JNU from a progressive and independent institution to that of a college with rigid discipline and proven outdated methods of education. The policitically vibrant culture of JNU ingrains into its students a recognition of India's inequality, oppression of backward classes, patriarchy, religious extremism and exploitation. This is exactly what the present Government is trying to suppress by appointing such a VC.

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    The erudite response has intimated many new things. A man with average intelligence has merely understood that the middle-aged students of JNU require time and money to engage in anti-national activities. So, they can't attend classes but require Government of India grants to give full concentration on anti-national activities.
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    The man with average intelligence shows how easy it is to suppress anti saffron voices by labeling them "anti-national". Such labeling is the last resort of people who are incompetent of a reasoned debate.

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    A man with average intelligence is totally incompetent to interpret ''Bharat tere tookre honge'' slogan in any other manner. Such average people only understand that such students and teachers (who resort to this sloganeering) must be given suitable treatment. And what is the suitable treatment? Let's remember 'Gulag Archipelago' (by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn).
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    As I said, the man with average intelligence falls into the trap of misinformation spread by government forces who don't want the voices of opposite side to be heard.
    Allow me to quote a newspaper:

    "However, JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar raised no anti-India slogans for which he was charged with sedition last year, top officials investigating the case have revealed to India Today, citing forensic examination of voice samples. "

    As soon as the average man of India starts to differentiate between facts and myths, this country he loves will start to show real progress rather than falling into the abyss of communal hatred and jingoism.

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    In the good olden days after independence, there was no communal hatred or jingoism. The people used to differentiate between facts and myths, so the GDP growth rate was 2% per anum. So, the other socio-economic parameters were terrible. So, the good old party was kicked out of power. So the progressive left has systematically destroyed the states they used to govern.
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    The thread is about JNU and the author is bringing Congress party and GDP into it.
    Since it looks like the OP is out of points to debate, I will excuse myself from the thread.

    Just an FYI, not everybody who is against BJP necessarily supports its opposition. A simple fact the average man can surely fit into his mind.

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    Facts and myths regarding real progress, abyss of communal hatred and jingoism automatically bring Congress, progressive left and other secular parties into picture.
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    Mr. Ankit, what all you expressed are the facts. The Jawaharlal Nehru University is a prestigious university and one of the academically enriched universities of India. This is a university where the students excel in their studies as well as other activities. They develop leadership qualities. The alumni who held or holding important positions in the country is a testimony to the caliber of the students of JNU. The youth are the future of the country. They do not try to think to the liking of others but think by themselves. This does not go well with some people. Now there is a lot of mudslingings to discredit this prestigious institute. It can withstand any such disgruntled people and stand tall in the country.
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    ''The youth are the future of the country. They do not try to think to the liking of others but think by themselves.''-The future left hooligans are showing their true colours in JNU when they don't allow the Rector to leave the administrative building despite being physically unwell.

    Are these hooligans the true face of this university, or those students who study hard, do research and want an academic environment in the campus are the true face?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    JNU is ranked at number 2 in India as per the figures of last year. By reading the thread and the responses, there seems to be a clash of ideologies between the students and the officials.

    It sounds like the generation gap is very obvious with the old school of thought insisting on regulations and rules and the newer generation not wanting stringent regulations becauses results are being acheived with or without attendence mandatory cut off. Some teachers supporting the agitation could be purely based on seeing the logic of the students.

    The court has ordered the students to let the authorities performing their duties. Now the issue is how to handle this, instead of an agitation, there should be an open dialogue and set attendance guidelines based on the stream, student time (full time/part time) etc. Whatever the decision, it should be made with the view that it should be or could be applicable or demanded by the students of other universities around the country.

    Both sides and the public should not drag in politics into this because, it just clouds the whole issue and the very logic/reason behind the protests would soon be forgotten.

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    Thanking the author & adding that I wasn't aware of that the students of Science streams of the university are not taking part in this agitation. Good to know.

    The sad part is that the education stream in India has gone down to the below average level. Most of the education syllabus is of British Era & as per their system & the current education system doesn't teach us about our rich cultural heritage which means we have belittle our mind in context of our country & its associated history. We are so much brain washed that we even don't hesitate in raising slogans for the person who proven culprit & t he murderer from the Supreme Court itself. The protesters used the sentence "judicial killing of Afzal Guru and Maqbool Bhat". What's going on is really disturbing because that's something which will come up as an emerging generation in the future. Like a termite, this way can kill our social life to the most degraded level. In fact we are in great danger because of these & not because of someone working outside.

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    Yes, these students, teachers and so-called intelligentsia are like termites. In fact, I raised a thread comparing them with termites long back. They are trying to destroy the edifice of India like what termites do in old houses and furniture.
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