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    Would you support the new initiative by PM Modi - Pariksha pe charcha ? Active GD.

    All these years we have seen Prime Ministers confining to their own business and never interfered with the lives and aspirations of the common man. But our PM Modi has gone through all the ordeals of common man and thus want to implement such programs which connect with the common problems. And for the every student and parent, the exam time is the biggest challenge and the PM Modi chose to discuss on this subject - Pariksha pe charcha, which was held at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi attended by students, teachers and parents. What is your view on this new initiative. Discuss this as a active GD.
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    A good initiative by the PM. Today in the discussion answering a question asked by a student the answer given by the Prime Minister is very interesting. The student asked him, "Are you ready for your Exams". The answer given by the Prime Minister is, " I am not a Politician. I am a worker. So I go on doing my work. Majority of Indian Population are with me. Elections and results are the byproducts. I don't think about those aspects but I go on continuing my work"
    He advised the students concentrate and get the knowledge.Examinations and Marks are byproducts. Don't work for byproducts. They will come on their own. But concentrate on learning. I liked the answer. Lord Krishna told Arjuna to concentrate on his job but never think of the result. The result will come on its own. The PM's talk is like that. It is good to see PM talking to students and advising them.

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    It is, in fact, a great gesture of our PM that he has found out time from his busy schedule to address the children.

    He knows that today's children are the citizen of tomorrow and he feels pleasure in addressing them as a Guru guiding and motivating them to do hard work without bothering for the results.

    It is a sincere and honest talk that our PM has tried with the young and innocent generation and it is definitely going to make a prominent mark in their life

    It is a great privilege of these students that they have got such a wonderful opportunity to talk to their PM and ask questions.

    This also showcases the strong and honest face of our PM to all the citizens watching this show.

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    No other political leader has tried to understand the stress which the students undergo nowadays. The PM himself knows many stress management techniques and he has advised young students how to cope up with examination and study-related stress. A very novel gesture, which would make the PM more popular among students.
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    There is something like the Modi ji has developed in himself & this is something that comes naturally within him. Can you even imagine that once a tea seller & not having any degree but has the capability to which every one attracted to.

    He is an inventive as well as a person who is beyond a political attitude that every one find themselves near to him.

    As part of his Pariksha Par Charcha, which could be an extension of his Chai Pe Charcha theme, PM Modi interacted with thousands of students from across the country and addressed their examination-related concerns on 16.02.2018 at Talkatora Stadium in the national capital. Interesting query was raised by a student when he asked Modi Ji about his confidence for the upcoming election going to on next year as he will be facing his board exam the same time.

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    PM Modi has provided an example to everyone that each child is a precious. He has found time from his really busy schedule and allows the students to ask questions related to stress management during exam time.
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    PM has recognised the importance of students power in nation building and hence his initiative to give his stress free tips to students attending exams. Great thought from the heart.
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    It was really a nice move by honourable P.M. Mr Naredra Modi to address the students, parents and teachers. But in our MP most of the students couldn't hear or watch his speech as they were busy in their examination. In some schools, there were the practical exams, in some schools, there were pre-board examinations. It should be again telecasted in the night so that all the students, parents and teacher get the benefit of that. But no doubt it is really a very good step by our Prime Minister and should be welcomed by everyone.
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    It's a good gesture on the part of the PM, as the leader of the nation taking time to talk to students regarding their exams and it's impact on their education and careers.
    We are used to hearing that students are often used or misused to propel political based issues but now a politician takes time to sit with students for their own problems.
    Interacting with students is like to throw up many unheard issues and the means to address it. All these can help the students and in turn education. If the PM helps the students to reassure them regarding their issues, stress of exams and how make it more meaningful, the purpose would be served.
    Reading the reports, it seems that this was well received, he has talked about building self confidence, focusing on learning rather than competing with others just for marks etc.
    He has also advise about reducing stress for the exam going students and requested parents not to pressurize their children as each child is different from the other.

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