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    Is it time to think of new alternative careers for our youth?

    Many of the traditional or conventional career paths are getting saturated. There are so many graduates and postgraduates jobless. We are all familiar with the vast number of applicants for competitive exams. We have MBAs, Ph.D.'s applying for posts that are inappropriate for them.

    Is this because we are looking only at the regular job types in various sectors. Should we start looking at other careers or new jobs fronts that can be explored by the freshers and ease the competition and unemployment rates?

    The Government and private sectors are saturated, I think, it's time that the analytical minds start the process of new job roles, popularise unexplored or untapped sectors wherein jobs can be created.
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    Many new professions are coming into existence. In urban areas people trying to explore various options available to them for their livelihood. Many young people are opting for their own profession like On-call service, housekeeping services etc. I have seen recently in Hyderabad mobile canteens. The van is coming and standing in a place with are arrangements for making the tiffins and they are serving the people. Once they finish the material they are going back. Definitely, there is a good change in the thinking of the people and there are not at all thinking of white caller jobs. This is a welcome change. Instead of waiting for somebody to give them a job they are making a slot for them and creating some slots to some other people. Even these days water bills, current bills issuing in the house is outsourced by the government and youth is getting engaged in these services. So the process is started and it will go further shortly, I hope.
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    Many are staying unemployed because they are not updating their knowledge. Now, almost every company is utilizing their existing employees and have minimized the hiring process and looking for new skills in employees applying for jobs.
    I agree, an alternative career will be a welcome change but people fear of doing something new with the thought whether they will get a job or no.

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    Population of India is growing. Therefore demand for goods and services related to the people like food, education, healthcare etc. is ever increasing. One can always avail opportunities in such growing fields by starting self employment ventures. As a matter of fact, no competent or enterprising individual ever remains unemployed.

    As far as so called degrees are concerned, these are products of educational institutions set up by enterprising people who preferred to start their own venture in the form of a college instead of seeking an employment somewhere. They are exploiting the psyche of the students and their parents to buy an engineering or management degree, even from a nondescript institution located in a remote muffasil town. Such degrees are worse than a scrap of paper as they cost a fortune in most of the cases without having any value.

    The employers give jobs and salaries to individuals who earn for them manifold by virtue of their capabilities. They are not charity institution to dole out remuneration each month without any attendant gain or purpose.

    The alternate is self-employment.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree with the author that the traditional job opportunities for the professionals are diminishing and getting thinner. It is the time even the candidates look for other sources for jobs instead of depending on government and private sectors. What I suggest that given the knowledge and intelligence in every candidate, they can team up and form a formidable group and then approach the government for Mudra loan and start business on their own. Surely the government is supporting such initiatives and there wont be dissent from the youth that they are unemployed. Self help groups can be created with like minded persons, draft a probable business proposal, approach any bank with sure shot appraisal of the proposed project, and the banks are bound to give the loan without much paper work. This is what PM Modi was also stressing.
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    It is true that traditional jobs are already saturated and there is a long long beeline of highly qualified people for it.

    During the evolution of technology and transformations in customer demand patterns, there are many new avenues of employment and job opportunities which have cropped up in the industrial world.

    Unfortunately many of the educated and highly qualified people are not aware of those specialised type of domains and even if they know about it they feel themselves unfit for them.

    This is today a really anomalous situation where the educational institutes are not able to dynamically orient their courses in these areas. Though there are some private institutions which have carved out short courses to mitigate this anomaly but those are few in numbers and may not be recognized in Govt circles.

    Until unless our traditional educational systems are oriented in the direction of modern technologies this situation will not be resolved.

    Knowledge is power.

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