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    Will India have a capacity or ability to host Olympics in near future?

    Some people will say If Indians stop watching cricket whole world of cricketers will become beggars that is why some people crack a joke ICC definition is Indian Cricket Control that is why a Sachin, Dhoni, and Virat born in India but in other sports India even not able put their feet in the sport like Football (World Famous sport), Rugby and so many other sports.Do India has an ability to conduct Olympics?Why India Unable to conduct Olympics If Asian Countries like China and Japan can conduct Olympics?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    India can conduct Olympic games also. I feel they can compete in conducting these sports also. They have hosted Asian games earlier. Now if necessary they can go to Olympics also. Once India is very famous in Hockey and they won the titles earlier many times. Similarly, they can try for Kabaddi also to be included in these games. Indians are good at cricket and Indians support this game more. So BCCI is trying to conduct more games and encourage this game more.
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    As Prime Minister Modi said India do not have the capacity to conduct Olympic games. As Olympic Federation requested to host Olympics in India.
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    Conducting Olympic games required greater strategy to plan and execute the different games of the world to which India is not familiar. Moreover India is having different states and forms as the Union. Suppose India wants to conduct Olympics , then for every sport discipline , new stadiums have to be created. The existing stadiums across the country mainly caters to the cricket and not other games. So there is going to be huge investments just for the purpose of Olympics and after that those stadiums have to be kept idle with no use. When Asian games were held, in Hyderabad International cycle velodrome was constructed at OU and even today it is lying vacant with no sport conducted there so far. So the government is loosing money to maintain it. Therefore our PM Modi must have refused to host the Olympics on this count.
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    The way in which the present Govt under the leadership of Mr Modi is aggressively going ahead in many areas, progress is being seen in different sectors.

    Sports and education are also on the top in their agenda. I hope announcement for willing to host Olympic games will soon be there.

    We are capable of hosting these games. Only thing is Govt has to declare it officially and once the Olympic committee is assured the process will start.

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    It is impossible to conduct Olympics near future because it will take whole budget expenses.As Finance minister says there is no money to assist Andhra Pradesh people how the money will come to conduct Olympics.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Just recollect the Commonwealth games of 2010, the controversies, the corruption associated with it. We are a long way off from hosting the Olympics for financial, security and infrastructure issues.

    To host the Olympic games, we need to submit an application, then based on the information given, an evaluation committee give a report and the members vote as to who should finally host the Omplyic games. It is almost like an election campaign carried out with finesse and lot of behind the scenes discussions.

    Then comes the infrastructure and the costs, the Rio games came at a cost of 4.6 billion USD. The Brazi Olympics has issues with corruption, scandals, mosquito-borne illness, polluted waters, crime and sub-standard housing at the athlete's village. Such things can happen in our country also. Before even submitting a bid, we need to have a honest assessment of where are how we can hold the game and can we afford it.

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    It's a huge difference between the past & the current leadership. Adding, Yes, If it can improve its economic condition i.e. if we follow proper rules, pay taxes regularly, fight against corruption, stop Bribery etc. We all know about the commonwealth games scam and I believe that even if one the above mentioned points are followed by us, Indians then India would be a much better place and can easily race up to the pioneer heights in all fields even in Sports (Olympics). Having said that, now take a look at 2010 Commonwealth Games held at New Delhi. Though the games were finally deemed to be successful, we wouldn't want to repeat of CWG - Kalmadi fiasco. Also in all probability we never want the CWG experience gets repeated again.

    The positive sign is that the image of our country has changed a lot with a passion of the youngster to go for the big as we are doing in cricket. But we got negative aspects also that we have still more corrupt officials with less or no responsibility. Even worse thing is that the sports are also having political motivation. So there are many things to do before we even think of hosting events in the magnitude of Olympics. Though it is definitely not impossible, India would be right to look, again, at how to get young people involved in sport, what facilities are in place for public services, transport, security – it's like doing an audit for the purposes of figuring out how you would handle the world's biggest sporting event. We should publicly agree to the possible failures and gaps that may encounter while hosting, these will only increase our international credibility and increase our possible chances of winning the bid.

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