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    Why do some people have a tendency to take revenge?

    In the society, there are different types of people. Some are meek and humble while some are aggressive. Some forgive others aggressiveness while some take it to their heart and search and wait for suitable opportunity to reply it in gestures as well as action.

    Revengefulness is one trait which is present in some people to such degrees that they simply act to settle the score without fearing that the outcome may be equally damaging to themselves also.

    It is not understood why some people go to those extreme actions of hate and revenge when things can be settled with cordial and peaceful talks.

    What is the opinion of the members? Why are some people so revengeful?
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    To almost all human being, taking revenge is quite a natural emotion. If a person suffered from unjust and did not get justice from the authorities, he/she will seek revenge. Very few people can forgive or forget the injustice suffered by them in the hands of powerful.
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    Every one of us have the tendency to take revenge against those who are bent upon creating problems to us even though we are not in their target. There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have achieved some thing better and great and does not want others to occupy that position. The second one being the greediness of the opposite person that the other should not progress beyond his level. This types of people are seen around us, though they behave with us like close friends but their vengeance attitude is always seen from back door. So we have to be careful with every behaviour of opposite persons.
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    Some people are very revengeful. It is quite natural for human beings to be so. Not everyone is rational enough to control one's anger and not retaliate for the damage being done.
    It is quite interesting that many of the bollywood movies take this as the theme. The whole plot of the movies like KAABIL, HAIDER and even OM SHANTI OM revolves around the theme of revenge. And movies do influence people considerably. However, some people are revengeful even for minor reasons. And there can be various psychological reasons for such kind of behavior.

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    If a human being suffers badly with the actions of a person definitely there is every chance that the person will develop a hatred towards that person. There may be a few people who can forgive such people. When I am concentrating on my work and not thinking of doing bad to anyone, if somebody tries to create problems for me, definitely I will get annoyed. I can leave hin untouched once or twice. But if the other person is continuing to create some problem, again and again, I can't restrain myself from taking a revenge on him.
    So we should not annoy others seriously many times.It will definitely reflect on us and we will also suffer. If this fact is known no one will try to annoy others. If somebody slaps you showing the second side for slapping is not the correct attitude these days. If he slaps you one side, you slap him both sides is the order of the day.

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    The current attitude is different from what our parents have taught us a few years ago. Being polite, fair and honest does not help people in many places because many have changed. Th concept that let's survive on our merit is also coming down. Parallel to this is the increasing degrees of jealousy and greed that people do not want others to move ahead of them.
    Such people look down upon people who are quiet and decent. At such times they don't mind taking up the issue to any indecent level that it harms all concerned. With such people, there is little point in trying to reason out. We should be calm but assertive enough in not allowing such people to have a revengeful attitude when we move up by our own merit. Perhaps it gives them an inhuman satisfaction that, yes I've achieved something. There are many examples of unprovoked violence, trival issues like being killed for just staring at someone.

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    There is a similar thread.

    I have made my view in response #627016 there. That holds good for this thread also.

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    If one go by human nature, the entire history has full of these "revenge" stories. This is nothing new to human. As one of the member has pointed about Indian movie, if we go by that then most of the revenge movies are super-duper hit. It does mean that people are agreed with the revenge opinion. No matter how one would like to show himself/herself a saint but no one wants to get "hit" by others.

    The "revenge" which looks a "violence" in this thread has many way of doing. Only being aggressive or killing someone or say fighting with someone is not revenge. Revenge can be taken smoothly and without noticing it to other too.

    People who dare to be straight do not want to become doormat so they revenge to teach other people a lesson. It is visible and open to the world so the act is look like a "sin" for many. However, the revenge which are done behind the curtain or without noticing in open are equally have the same nature.

    So, it is human nature some does it without noticing it in hidden mode some does it open. The funny part is those who dare to do open become the main culprit.

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