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    A great gesture by him.

    Recently the under 19 cricket team of India won the world cup. All the Indians expressed their happiness and congratulated all. The BCCI announced special rewards to all the players. They announced RS.50 lakhs to the Coach Rahul Dravid and Rs.30/- lakhs to each the staff. Then the coach expressed his unhappiness over this issue. When I have seen the heading I thought he felt the money given to him as less. But when I read the complete news I felt very happy. He says we all worked equally and all are equally responsible for the victory as such why the amounts should be different. This is the observation he made. After reading this I felt very happy and thought if all the seniors are like this there will not be any problems between seniors and juniors. Dravid is famous for his humble nature and commitment towards the responsibility. He should be the role model for all the younger players. Good going, Dravid.
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    Dravid is very down to earth and he is always known for his politeness and humbleness. He remains a common man and doesn't take advantage of a celebrity in public places. Some of his pics were making round on social media were he took an auto rickshaw ride in Bengaluru leaving his car and also he stood in a queue while attending a science project along with his children like any other parents. He never carries the attitude of his stardom and hence people like him for the way he is.

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    If the sports persons never run after money, they can give full justification to the their profession. Glad that Dravid has understood this and behaved sensibly.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are very few people who are humble and polite like Rahul Dravid. If our other stars of cricket and the celebrities learn from him, the society will, in turn, follow them.

    Generally public mimics the attitudes of celebrities and people at high places. So if these persons behave in humble ways, others will also follow the suit. They are the role models for the society and people feel proud in copying their styles and gestures.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As a batsman, I rate Dravid above Tendulkar. During his playing days, he used to be India's wicket-keeper in many ODIs and also in some tests (when the wicket-keeper used to go off the field) without any murmur of protest. He has been a perfect gentleman. He has been instrumental in preparing the Under-19 team of India, but when the team has won the World Championship, he gives all the credit to the players.
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    He's also known to decline an honorary doctorate too ( from Bangalore University). Very few would give up a doctorate, isn't it?
    Rahul Dravid is one of the cleanest Indian cricketers who is a gentleman who stays away from controversy and is straightforward. Barring the one time when he(as a stand-in captain) declared when Sachin was on 194, he has managed to be a likable and respected player. So, it's no surprise that Dravid has stood up for the junior players.
    He has always been in the shadows of the popular stars and yet he managed to create an image of a cricketer who is a good sportsman and respected by other cricketing teams.

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    In no doubt that all must be equally compensated.

    Now take a look at the other side of the story. Don't we feel that the cricket has killed other forms of sports. In the recent Olympics, the athletes had complained that there was not even water supply for them but if you have noticed never a cricketer has said anything of such kind because they have never faced it so this shows that government is giving more attention to cricket which is hampering other sports life. During one of the occasions pl. note that When Gopi Chand won the all-England badminton championship in Britain no one cheered or cared because in the same week Harbajan Singh took a hat-trick and V. V. S. Laxman scored 281 in the Kolkata Test against Australia.

    It is a shame that our country which has one-sixth of the total world population has to try hard to get even a single bronze medal in the Olympics. If this cricket mania continues India can never do well in the Olympics for years to come. Do we know about the Kabaddi World Cup. The Kabaddi World Cup, is an indoor international kabaddi competition conducted by the International Kabaddi Federation (IKF) in standard style, contested by men's and women's national teams. The competition has been previously contested in 2004, 2007 and 2016. All the tournaments have been won by India.

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