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    Now the Prime Minister started Language Politics to win the hearts of Tamil people!

    In an interaction with the students about exams, Prime Minister said it is good to learn all the languages, for example, he told Tamil is the oldest language than Sanskrit and this is not known to so many people. I don't think Tamil is older than Sanskrit.Even though Classical status is given first to the Tamil language followed by the Sanskrit language. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.

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    I visited the link given by the author, read its content and reproducing following excerpts from the same -

    '.... ... linguistics is a discipline spoken about by anyone, and linguists are cheered up by politicians and stupid followers alike. If I talk in the BBC about a research paper (whatever its value) on Tamil dating back to 9.000 BCE, I will be the hero of lots of Tamil speakers, whereas if I talk about Sanskrit being the oldest language on earth, Indo-Aryan speakers will lift me up to the category of 'experts in linguistics worth mentioning in popular sites like Wikipedia or Yahoo! Answers'…'

    Thus it becomes very simple. The Prime Minister wants to be the hero of the Tamil speaker with a view to win the votes in the elections. As a politician, it is his routine job to manipulate the voters to win the elections.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Tamil language comes from the Dravidian era which is suppose to be older than the Sanskrit and thus what the PM Modi said is right. You take any South Indian language , there is a flavour of Tamil being seen some where are the other. Keeping aside the dispute as to which language is oldest, we must stress the need for what the PM has opined. Tamil is no doubt a very good language, easy to learn , easy to understand and easy to speak. If any one has the urge to learn this language, it can be learned in short time. However it is great to know that PM also regretted that he has failed to learn this language. We should not take this as the political jaunt to capture the hearts of Tamil Nadu. Tamil voters are very shrewd and they know whom to vote. But one thing is sure, if the voters understand the need of a bigger funding from centre, this time they must think and vote.
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    The Tamil language is definitely older than the Sanskrit language. The Prime Minister is right. Where is the scope of controversy here?
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I don't think Tamil is older than Sanskrit.Sanskrit is the most ancient Language.Sanskrit is the Mother of all languages where the Telugu language is almost a replica of Sanskrit Language.
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    I also know that Sanskrit is the oldest language and then comes Tamil. Anyhow the question is not that. Why it should be taken as a political gimmick to win the favour of Tamilians. I don't think by hearing these words Tamilians will not come and vote for BJP. Tamilnadu is very famous for hero worship. MGR was their Chief Minister. Then come Jayalalitha. Now it may be either Rajanikant or Kamal Haasan. There is no scope for BJP there.The best thing BJP can do there is to have a poll understanding with one of these two heroes. Whatever Modi speaks no Tamilian will become his follower by leaving his hero.
    The chances for BJP in South are very less. Simply by saying Tamil is the best or Telugu is the best nobody is going to for BJP. They may have to go with the local parties in these states to have a good support in the Lok Sabha.BJP should always keep this pp9nt in mind.

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    Why do we and the Politicians have to drag a language and (at times the culture of its people) into the open arena?
    If we have to do it, it should be done with facts. Before going into which language is the oldest, we should remember that in this endeavor we should not portray one language as superior and the language coming after is hence inferior. I personally think, religion, language and isolated segments of historical facts should not quoted or misquoted by national leaders.

    Coming to politicans scoring browne points by focussing on one langauge, the list would be endless

    There are many languages in the history of the sub-continent, the Vedic language is the oldest of the lot, Sanskrit has Indo-Aryan roots and Tamil has Indo-Dravidian roots. Only a linguistic expert can tell us the differences. I think, as Indians we should be happy that we have some of the Oldest languages in the world.

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    I feel we can not provide a proof just because our thinking does not match with the statement. I don't know whether Tamil language is older or Sanskrit and without knowing it I would not like to comment on it. However, If a higher post like PM of our country has stated this, it would be better we go in to deep research before we talk anything about it. Definitely, a PM is not a fool who can simply manipulate people with his foolish statement, their might be some reason or fact behind it.

    Above all, are the Indian so dull that anything can be said and we believe? The statement may or may not be related to politics but we jump into our own conclusion just because we do not like the person who stated this!

    If the PM had said "Telgu" is older than Sanskrit, I doubt if this thread would have come up for discussion the way it has been brought out.

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    This is for guaranteed fact that we were never talked of the promises & fulfillment of the previous elected government like as we are making ourselves aware of the current elected government under the leadership of PM Modi Ji.

    Adding, we should compare him with the other politicians also as it seems to be that he is doing language politics. Look at the aspects of him also.

    We have all the list of the promises that got published before the election & how many of those didn't get completed as of now. But we are not concern of the same of the previous government & we never try to find out why? Few days back while travelling in a metro I found two person talking to each other that the prices of the commodities have been increased as if the previous government had distributed the goods on free of cost with free home delivery. If someone is trying to improve the things then he should be assisted & not to be criticized or punished. Not to say that the overall image of our country has been improved & the development jobs are also speeding throughout.

    He is someone who is looking for long term & while at the same time not ignoring the short term profits / gains. If I know the reason then Modi Ji, is such a person whom we can rely & believe. That's his feature.

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    It is sad that the only "Tamil language" topic has come out with such fantastic program where the first time in Indian History a PM meets and communicated with student in all over India. After this thread, I searched it in net, the discussion of whether Tamil is older or Sanskrit is not clear. I read some article where the author said Tamil is older but in another article it said Sanskrit is older. Unless it is clear we don't know if the what PM is said is true.

    Above all, he brought out this topic because he was saying that he missed the chance to interact with student from entire south India and requested that it would be better if this program could be brought out in their language to different state. It is here he said, Tamil is very sweet language and he does not know more than "Vannakkam" but he wished too.

    The entire conversation where he talks and answer students question not come out. How the students were happy and energetic to interact with PM, has not brought out but this. What if he had said Bengali is a sweet language or Telgu is a sweet language?

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