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    Be Cautious of hiring services for Septic tanks

    Recently there have been many reports of workers dying due to asphyxiation while they clean the blocked septic tanks and manholes.

    Often these people do not have safety masks, follow policies or have experience. After the sad events, the law authorities book a case of negligence against the people hiring the services, this includes apartment association members, firm managers etc.


    So, if anyone commercial or apartment, needs to avail such services, Please check with the local municipal officials, check that the cleaning services team are professionally trained and use machines rather than do manual cleaning. Please don't hire plumbers or general maintenance staff who are untrained but agree to do it for some extra money.
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    The major component of sewer gas is Methane, which is very toxic in high concentrations. Sewer gas is a mixture of Hydrogen Sulphide, Ammonia, Carbon-dioxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and even carbon monoxide which is deadly poisonous.

    However, the concentration of these components varies depending upon various factors like time, sewage composition, temperature and pH etc. of the contents.

    Hydrogen sulphide is poisonous even in small concentrations and exposure to higher concentrations can be rapidly fatal.

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    True. The required safety precautions are to be taken while going for these activities. As mentioned in #626644 the gases are very toxic and can lead to fatal accidents. So everybody should be very careful.
    Yesterday in Andhra Pradesh in a hatchery organisation 7 people died and one person is seriously injured. The reason here is a similar issue. Without understanding the proper position of gases in the pit one person gone inside to repair the pump without taking any safety precautions. As there is no communication from inside after the person gone, another person went inside and like this total 8 persons gone inside but no communication. Then with a doubt, the others dug the pit and found that 6 have died and 2 are severely suffering, On the way to the hospital one person died. So one should be careful and take all required safety precautions.

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    The author has shared a very vital information regarding safety during sewer tank and line cleaning. As the sewer gases are toxic and poisonous it is our duty to ascertain that the person engaged in these services should use proper gloves, masks and other accessories so that no life-threatening incident takes place.

    Sometimes in a hurry, we employ some unqualified labourer who for a small amount of money agrees to do the work not knowing the hazards associated with it.

    We should make people in our respective society or area aware in this respect.

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    Thanks, I raised this thread for two reasons
    1. Safety of the people whom we choose
    2. If we do not check their professional status, if some unfortunate event happens, we the people who hire them also face criminal negligence charges (this has actually happened). Since this sector is unorganized in many places, we cannot be sure what happens.
    3.Safe way is to contact the municipal office/state sewage board and follow their advice.
    4.Mechanised cleansing is more safer

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    In Hyderabad the GHMC is having the septic tank cleaning persons and who are not carrying any precautions while cleaning the night soil. Even the private septic tank cleaning agencies does not have safety precautions to their employees cleaning the tanks. It is really a risk factor as the tank is opened after many months and the gas emanated from it is very dangerous. Once I asked the GHMC workers as to why they are not wearing a mask, for that they gave a ready made reply that , they are used to such cleaning activities daily at least for 10 to 12 times and thus wont feel insecure over the filth gas ?
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    Manual scavenging is banned under the law. Humans are not supposed to clean septic tanks or manholes under the law. People who hire humans to clean septic tanks should be punished.

    Leave the law aside, how do people even hire other humans to clean places that collect their excreta, which they themselves would not touch. Do they not see how wrong it is?

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    I think, it is high time to ban the Septing Tank construction in India. The sewage should not be allowed to come in contact with natural soil. It is an environmental hazard. Ground water is contaminating. Holding Tanks are to be used instead of septic tanks. It can be cleaned by vacuum suckers easily and send to treatment plants.

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    Some of the local municipalities due to shortage of funds, could not provide the under ground drainage sewerage pipe lines for every house , and therefore it has become necessity for the Individual house owners to go for the septic tank concept to collect the night soil and then transfer to the septic tank lorry when the tank gets filled. But what the people are habituated that they forget to clean and empty the tank before it gets filled or choked. So they are giving trying times to the neighbours and also the cleaning persons. The local municipalities must arrange underground pipe lines to carry drainage excess.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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