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    Worship and the hatred

    Worship and hatred may be antonyms as they appear but both are interlinked to each other. I am not going to discuss these two words to improve our English but how they affect our daily life.

    We can observe the tendency of showing favoritism to someone either by ourselves or by others because of some good quality we notice on the other side. For example, take a Cinema hero. None of us are exception to this and we may like a hero or a heroine because of his or her action or mannerisms or beauty, whatever it may be. Thus the excessive limit of praising a hero or heroine would be considered as idol worship. Same is the case with our political leaders and we all are influenced by one or the other, either a political leader or a political party. No matter we like them or not. There should be a striking balance in exhibiting our loyalty or praise or worship , as the case may be.

    But the problem starts when we go on praising a person or a thing beyond certain point, it becomes too much sweeter and the other person who would be hearing you would be unintentionally start disliking the person or thing, that is being portrayed as superb or fantastic. I don't want to name an English news channel but the presenter of the programme creates an atmosphere that he is the only patriot and others are not, he argues as if he only represents for the cause of patriotism and he is the Messiah of the national Patriotic movement in the country today. Sometimes it backfires, the viewer gets bored.

    Thus unintentionally overpraising someone or over-talking about a subject like 'patriotism' would become monotonous and results in creating embarrassment or an undeclared hatred towards a person who was being talked about. What do you say about this?
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    I agree worship and hatred are interlinked. When we have a liking for somebody because of our own reasons when the other person tries to take undue advantage of this, we will tolerate the same once or twice. But when they continue the same trend without understanding our feelings slowly our liking for him will get converted to hatred. The affection we have should be carefully protected by the receiving party also.
    Similarly when we show our liking towards a person and starts praising him too much the people who are witnessing will definitely develop a hatred towards the person out of jealousy. So nothing should be too much. As long as the issue is fair there will not be any problem but the extension will test the patience of the other persons.
    Another issue generally we notice is, the hero-worshippers try to find fault with other heroes to prove that their hero is great, will annoy the other heor's worshippers. So it is not fair to say others are bad, but you can say your hero is good.

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    Too much praise for a person is quite likely to create a dislike for that person in someone who is forced to listen to the same as a matter of routine. When you hear praises being heaped on someone, you automatically tend to be more watchful and critical of that person. Suppose your friend has a son and he keeps praising him time and again; that will surely make you to watch him more closely and to be critical of him as and when you find a missing link. I think it is a natural process. Likewise, say your friend keeps on saying that a snack from a particular restaurant is awesome and he keeps repeating the same quite often and suggests you try the same someday; you will surely be cautious and critical if at any time you decide to try that restaurant which would not have been the case if your friend had just put up a suggestion. To be appreciative and to praise someone or something is fine, but to make it appear to be something unavoidably special is something which one should avoid, at least for the good of the thing or person he is praising.
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    When a person does a work differently he has to be applauded and praised. Politicians do attempt to work differently, some are successful and some are failures. Why we like some politicians because, they identify our requirements and work towards it. Worship of politician starts when good things are done to the people regularly beyond their expectations and a change in life was brought , so people like those politicians and think as there demi God. And hatred also takes place if wrong information is passed on against the working politician , then people start believing in negative way.
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    Workship and hatred go in tandem with entirely different results. One needs the maturity to know the limits of each as extreme ends brings out benefits to some and collateral damage to many others.

    Take for any religious leaders or the politicians with strong caste-based leanings, the followers would be blindly influenced by the person and end up lacking the process of rational self-analysis. The staunch followers end up worshipping what the person preaches or wants and hating what the leaders don't like.

    Similarly, for anything in life, we should know how to strike a balance between workship and hatred. Education here would play an important role, the inherent bias in both should be brought out so that people understand it and don't allow their judgments to be clouded by blind belief, obsession, and fanatism.If we apply this to religion and communal harmony, we can see noticeable changes in our country.

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